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IG RAID: Miguel Tanfelix, The Striking Dream Boy

IG RAID: Miguel Tanfelix, The Striking Dream Boy

If you are a solid Kapuso, there is no way you don’t know Miguel Tanfelix. Since he was five, this brilliant actor has signed with GMA Network under GMA Artist Center.

Born as Miguel Torrejos Tanfelix, he was a child actor and an alumnus of StarStruck Kids. This young actor was famed for portraying the role of ‘Pagaspas’ in GMA‘s greatest fantasy teleserye, Mulawin. And if you would ask me, it was one of his most iconic roles ever played.

However, his breakthrough was when he played the role of a mentally challenged boy named Niño on the series of the same name. Through the years in the industry, the young Miguel has grown up to be a dashing lad. Females were gushing about his boy-next-door looks, earning him the title, ‘Dream Boy.’

Undeniably, here are all the times Miguel Tanfelix had proved himself to be the striking dream boy.

Not Your Typical Boy-Next-Door

He’s fun and quirky, far from your usual cold and aloof boy-next-door. Miguel can be cool and attractive, then wacky and funny the next.

The Amazing Duality

In contrast to his cutie pie attitude, Miguel can be a respectable gentleman. Donning a black and brown three-piece suit, he looks sharp and upright.

Get You a Man Who Reads

Beyond the superficial qualities that you may see in a man, there is something about a man who reads that is distinctly attractive. And looking at this picture just makes Miguel look even more good looking than he already is.

A Funny Guy is A Lovaeble Guy

It is easy to love a person who knows their way into your heart by making you laugh. It is in the little things they do, even the silliest that is so pure. And you find yourself liking them more.

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Manly Without Even Trying

Miguel sure does make sitting on a motorcycle look like a photo from a magazine. He doesn’t even have to try, this photo makes him look so manly and strong by doing the bare minimum.

Miguel Tanfelix has been in the industry for a while, and the people who were with him from the beginning, have seen him grow to become the man he is now.

He may not be everyone’s Dream Boy per se, but he could definitely is mine. What about you?

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