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IG RAID: Welcoming a grand and vivid 2022 the Kim Chiu way

IG RAID: Welcoming a grand and vivid 2022 the Kim Chiu way

If you have been following Kim Chiu on Instagram, you’ll know that her being a ‘fashionista’ is no secret. From photos to videos, her account was a testament that a good fashion sense definitely comes a long way.

I mean come on, I can’t be the only one who waits on the reels of all of her #OOTD. I mean, she can easily rock any style: whether it’s streetwear, casual, sporty, or a feminine look. And it makes me oh-obsessed!

From workdays to off days, Kim Chiu dresses voguishly, and the Chinita Princess wasn’t afraid to take it up a notch as she welcomes 2022!

Full of laughter, love, and quirky fashion

I know that celebrations such as New Year’s Eve really revolve around spending time with your loved ones. It’s also the time to be grateful for the past year as you hope for all the good things for the new one. But we got to be honest, throwing in a quirky dress in the mix is never a bad idea.

Take it from Kim Chiu herself who took the time to slide a pastel pink, strapless, furry dress! I love how she dressed it down by using some timeless white sneakers, too. Making it the perfect combination of fun, sexy, and most importantly, comfy.

It looks festive, and is quite reminiscent of fireworks in the best way possible! Just look at how she sparkles together with the sparklers she’s holding, and the big smile she’s sporting:

Tradition but definitely make it fashion!

Us Filipinos (yes, even Fil-Chis) have lots of traditions that we grew up being accustomed to. Among these is the association of everything round with prosperity for the coming year. We’re talking about round fruits, coins, and even polka-dots.

And I can’t think of any other local celebrity that can pull off a neon, polka-dotted, puffy dress the way Kim Chiu does! It’s definitely a tradition-based statement piece that rocks!

Not only is she every bit of pretty while wearing this amazing dress, her personality and gorgeous smile make it, she herself, shine even more!

Catch the Chiu’s New Year celebration highlights here:

Whether it’s a big celebration or just a simple workday, I’m just glad to be seeing a lot of Kim Chiu’s fashion-forward content on my Instagram feed. I’m living for it!

May all of us have a bright, prosperous New Year!

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