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Fill Up! Here Are 4 Signs of Dehydration

Fill Up! Here Are 4 Signs of Dehydration

Dehydration can be a result of not drinking enough water. We all understand and know that our bodies require water to survive. Maintaining hydration in your body is essential for us to function normally in our daily lives. It is also common to lose water from your body as you run your course in a day through sweating, peeing, breathing, etc. Dehydration is kind of like supply and demand. If the body does not meet the required demand for water supply for hydration, then you may encounter signs of being dehydrated by breaking the chain.

4 Signs of Dehydration

Dry Skin and Cracked Lips

This is pretty common. In all honesty, even I showed signs of dry skin which led to me getting hives. Personally let me tell you, hydrate yourself right now if you show signs of this. It is constantly annoying to have an itchy sensation in your body.

Moving on, dry skin happens when the moisture of the outside layer of the skin gets out due to a lack of water. Nobody wants to look like they are ashing out. In addition, dry skin makes your skin rough and tight which can be bad for our smooth and puffy skin and lips. There are moisturizers and lip balms that can help control cracked lips and dry skin but they are expensive solutions. The cheapest and most affordable way to solve this problem is by drinking lots of water, because one of the main roots may come from dehydration.


Okay, if your urine is darker or hard to see, or if what you release seems more lacking than your average, then it can be the cause of dehydration. Due to the lack of water intake, the body conserves more water than usual, which also in part collects waste once release. The ideal color of urine is not actually a clear white one, but a pale yellow one.

Lack of Energy

Dehydration can also make you feel more fatigued than usual. You cannot move at your usual pace throughout the day. You just feel like you want to close your eyes and rest. It can lead to your heart pumping more oxygen to your body than usual as it impacts the flow to the brain. While water does not give you an energy boost when you are hydrated, it does give you one when dehydrated in the form of how your body functions.

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One of the causes of a headache is dehydration. Although headaches are common all around us. This can also be a simple reminder to us to drink water because our body wants more of it. Our brain and body need water to function better, and water helps in that regard.

Fill up your body because getting symptoms of dehydration is a reminder for you to take extra care of it. Remember, drinking water a day can help us avoid dehydration. If you have trouble meeting your body’s daily water needs, you can always opt for IV therapy. This type of treatment can fully rehydrate your body in less than an hour, helping you feel your best.

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