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Fantech: Guide to Livestreaming Accessories for Beginners

Fantech: Guide to Livestreaming Accessories for Beginners

If you are planning to start a livestreaming career, here are some Fantech accessories for beginners like you!

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Livestreaming has grown in popularity. When live events came to a halt due to the pandemic, streamers emerged. As a result, the gaming industry thrived. Gaming streamers not only play games, but they also share their enjoyment with others through streaming. Plus, some make money through it!

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Without further ado, here’s a list of essential accessories to start your online streaming career with:

Luminous C30 Quad High Definition Webcam

Streaming is never complete without a webcam. This one will surely cast your worries away. With its 2 QHD and 4MP camera, as well as its 106 degree angle ultra wide lens, it is definitely a steal for its price!

Image | Fantech

Leviosa MCX01 Professional Condenser Microphone

If you desire a microphone without a static buzzing noise or any unwanted audio feedback, this might be the perfect one for you! The RGB illumination feature is certainly a plus!

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MAXFIT67 RGB Mechanical Hotswap Keyboard

A good mechanical keyboard is defined by its durability and tactile nature, and this one truly lives up to its name. It’s no surprise that TechPowerUp highly recommends it!

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Helios XD5 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse has a PixArt 3370 gaming sensor in addition to providing comfort and efficiency to its user’s hand. Its 7 RGB modes make it a visual treat.

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WH01 Wireless Headphones

This low latency headphone from Fantech will get you covered. It will bring pure bliss to your livestreaming thanks to its excellent audio performance.

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Rumble GS204 Multi Platform Gaming Headset

Aside from the smart RGB switch touchpad, this speaker has an RGB lighting effect with 7 spectrum mode that makes it an eye candy. It is lightweight, portable, and has a pleasant sound profile.

Image | Fantech

Agile MP903 Mouse Pad

If you are looking for a high-quality mouse pad, this is the one! According to Fantech, this is scientifically engineered to provide maximum performance. It has anti-fray edge stitching as well as an anti-slip base. And what’s the catch? It is completely waterproof!

Image | Fantech

Tower AC3001 Headset Stand

Don’t forget to add a headset stand to your livestreaming accessories for an aesthetically appealing desk setup. And this Tower AC3001 Headset Stand could be the missing piece!

Image | Fantech

Worry not, Fantech has you covered when it comes to livestreaming accessories!

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