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Twitter Circle for ‘Close Friends’ Only

Twitter Circle for ‘Close Friends’ Only

We sometimes wonder, how can we share our tweets ONLY with the people we deem to care about and trust the most? Do we really need to create another separate account for our VIP moots (short for Mutuals)?

Worry no more because recently, Twitter is developing a new feature for all of its users who want to share their thoughts and almost everything in a smaller circle. Much like Instagram’s Close Friends feature on their Stories.

The new feature is called Twitter Circle, where the best tweets are published for the best-limited amount of people.

Twitter Circle | Twitter

Twitter explains this as an option for the user to share only the tweets they like for the chosen people to see. Accounts are able to publish tweets to their general following audience, however, this feature is not to confuse with Twitter Communities.

The accounts have complete control over who will be in this circle.

Twitter Circle | Twitter

A user can add up to 150 people and the limit is one Circle per account only. These 150 or fewer people are the only ones who can interact and comment on the original author’s tweets.

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Twitter Circle | Twitter

The followers or mutuals of those people who added cannot leave the circle directly. However, they can opt out by unfollowing or blocking the account that added them. They can add on-convenience even if they do not follow the account.

Twitter also stressed that the new feature is under development and is available to select accounts in select countries. Community Guidelines are still in effect just like the regular ones.

For more detailed info, you can visit Twitter’s dedicated FAQ page for a complete rundown of the new feature.

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