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COVID-19: Here’s how Filipinos can get a consultation while staying home

COVID-19: Here’s how Filipinos can get a consultation while staying home


Hospitals have started to close doors for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients for confinement. Unfortunately, they have already exceeded their maximum capacity. This means that admitting more patients afflicted with the virus will seriously impact their ability to deliver the critical level of care and attentions that the patients need.

Aside from treating patients afflicted with the deadly virus, medical employees also take care of non-COVID patients whose health conditions cannot be compromised. Since there are several healthcare workers who remain in self-quarantine right now, many of them decided to open an online consultation to continue helping Filipino citizens in need.

Coronavirus under the microscope | Photo from Science Mag – National Institutes of Health

Here’s how Filipinos can get a COVID-19 consultation while staying home

Lung Center of the Philippines launches COVID-19: AskForce.

The Lung Center of the Philippines launched this project for all concerns related to the deadly virus. This also aims to lessen people to go to hospitals for unnecessary virus-related consultations. Of course, it also decreases their risk of infection. With volunteer doctors providing factual information about the disease, they could also give advice for the patients who think that they may be showing symptoms.

The online consultation remains available from Mondays to Saturdays, from 8AM to 11AM and 7PM to 10PM. The AskForce also continues to recruit volunteer doctors from all over the country to help provide free medical consultations. You can visit their Facebook page with this link: https://www.facebook.com/COVIDAskForce/

Coalition for People’s Right to Health and Development launches Hotline COVID-19: Payong Pangkalusugan.

Co-convenor of the Coalition for People’s Right to Health and Development Dr. Joshua San Pedro expressed their desire to continue working to fight against the virus.

“Isang tulong din po na abisuhan natin kung kailangan ba muna nilang obserbahan o kailangan muna may mga basic na babantayan muna sa bahay, kaysa po na napupuno yung mga emergency room natin ng mga pasyente na hindi naman talaga ganoon kalala pa ang kanilang mga sintomas na nangangailangan ng agarang medical attention.”

From 8AM to 5PM, Filipinos can call their hotline at (02) 8806 1306 or patients can also visit their Facebook page on this link: https://www.facebook.com/cprhPH/

MDH Pulmonology Postgraduate Course offers online consultation.

To help lessen the burden from emergency teams in the country, they used their Facebook page as a free online consultation portal. They respond to concerns through private messages to protect the privacy of their patients. Filipinos can visit their link here: https://www.facebook.com/mdhpulmopostgrad.com.ph/

COVID-19 questions can also be forwarded to Doctors Online Consultation for Filipinos private Facebook group.

The Doctors Online Consultation for Filipinos remains an independent group of doctors. They came together to give out medical advices and continue serving the Filipino people. They dedicate their Facebook page specifically to those who are in need of medical attention but couldn’t get out of their houses due to the Luzon-wide quarantine. The group also tries to help lessening the weight of the burden that a lot of the hospitals currently carry.

Filipinos can also join the group through this link: Doctors Online Consultation for Filipinos

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