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Catch and Enjoy These Free Stuffs From Sims 4!

Catch and Enjoy These Free Stuffs From Sims 4!

Free stuffs on Sims 4: Me First Pet Stuff and Romantic Garden

Diving into the world of The Sims 4 base game provides a delightful gaming experience, with its array of features and activities. However, as avid players, we wanted to explore beyond the base game objects and fuel our creativity with additional stuffs.

Catch and Enjoy These Free Stuffs From Sims 4!

Great news! Electronic Arts (EA) has listened to our requests and made some of its packs are now available for free!

With the stuff packs ‘My First Pet Stuff‘ and ‘Romantic Garden,’ you can now enjoy additional create-a-sim items. These packs also introduce new build-mode items, enhancing your experience in crafting and decorating your home!

Where can I get these free packs?

You can download the expansion stuffs directly from your TS4 game. Additionally, you can obtain them through the EA application, Steam, and Epic Games— all for free!

The best things in life are free, and these packs are no exception! So, grab them now because this awesome TS4 promo only lasts until January 9, 2024, at 9:00 AM.

My First Pet Stuff

EA | My First Pet Stuff Comes to Console!

Did you get the TS4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack installed? Awesome! This free stuff pack pairs perfectly with it! But no worries if you don’t have it – you can still enjoy ‘My First Pet Stuff‘ items because it’s not just limited to pet stuff.

Check it out – this pack comes with a bunch of cool stuff. From adorable household items for your pets to equally charming clothes and hairstyles for your sims!

Photo courtesy of Sims Community || Create-A-Sim and Build Mode items

However, for those without the Cats & Dogs expansion pack, these pet create-a-sim items won’t be available since they’re exclusively for your furry friends. You can get all these from Steam and EA.

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Pet Create-A-Sim Items

Romantic Garden

Sims VIP || The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff: New Game Render

What are the things you can make with the Romantic Garden stuff? Create a Victorian-inspired garden, make wishes at the wishing well, play in the water fountain, and express your love for floral prints—all included in this free stuff pack!

Photo courtesy of Platinum Simmers || Build Mode and Create-A-Sim items

Anticipate an array of floral delights, with dainty hues blooming for your garden in the Romantic Garden stuff. Discover modest yet vibrant items that cater to your love for both vibrancy and simplicity—all waiting for you here!

And no worries, you don’t need an extra expansion pack to make the most of these items. It’s worth noting that all these inclusions are completely free of charge and available on Steam, Epic Games, and EA.

Now, aren’t these a treat? No need to spend anything to enjoy extra stuff for your sim. It’s truly a holiday gift from EA and TS4!
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