YAY OR NAY: Rating The Sims 4 Worlds

The Sims 4 continues to expand its game with new features and worlds, and today we are rating some of the game’s worlds.

Since its initial release in 2014, The Sims 4 has spawned a plethora of expansion and game packs that include worlds. The game has a variety of different worlds. The Sims has it all, from the English countryside to stunning island views.

The Sims 4 Worlds

Some worlds are smaller than others. Nonetheless, they all have distinctions and aesthetics. We will be rating the game’s worlds whether they are YAY or NAY.

Oasis Springs

Rating: YAY

Oasis Springs’ vibrant world is a desert town. If you want to live in places like Nevada or Texas, this is the one. This world is inspired by the American Southwest.

Oasis Springs | Sarah Deen

Willow Creek

Rating: YAY

Willow Creek is a base game world. This is one of the game’s largest worlds, with a total of 21 lots. It has a southern flavor to it because the design has been inspired by the city of New Orleans in Louisiana. You will notice the cozy and homey vibe of this world as you play the game.

Willow Creek | vanheerman/The Sims Wiki


Rating: YAY

This is the only Sims 4 world that does not have any premade lots. Yes, you read that correctly and clearly! Newcrest is a completely empty world. And if you are curious about its rating, you could perhaps listen to this. Aside from its modern suburban setting, it offers endless possibilities for game players, particularly those who are builders.

Newcrest | Vixella/Electronic Arts

Granite Falls

Rating: YAY

This came out with the Outdoor Retreat game pack back in 2015. Your Sims will certainly enjoy this vacation world with its outdoor-like setting, bonfires, and campsites. It has nice scenery in terms of setting; however, there are some areas that have a lot of potentials but are underutilized. Also, the name could be a reference to the TV show “Gravity Falls.”

Granite Falls | Electronic Games

Magnolia Promenade

Rating: NAY

It is almost painful to rank this one. It is just a small, plain, and boring world. Its stores are not even fully functional, which is sad.

Magnolia Promenade | lan678/The Sims Wiki


Rating YAY

Windenburg is also one of the game’s largest worlds. It is also the one with the most neighborhoods, with seven. The world is actually based on Germany’s southern and central regions. Windenburg, in my personal view, is stunning. Moreover, the architecture, scenery, and all of its elements, in general, fall into the right places.

Windenburg | SimGuruJill/Electronic Arts

San Myshuno

Rating: YAY

San Myshuno has a lot of personalities. It has a variety of cultures and festivities because it is inspired by various cities around the world, such as Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, and others. The world also includes apartments and penthouses for players to enjoy.

San Myshuno | Zenionith/The Sims Wiki

Forgotten Hollow

Rating: NAY

Let us be honest about it. Yes, it is pleasing to see a fusion of Victorian and old Transylvanian architectural styles on it. Although the creepy and gothic atmosphere is appealing, the world is disappointing. It is small and feels a little crammed. It could have been bigger.

Forgotten Hollow | WizardJeremy/The Sims Wiki

Brindleton Bay

Rating: YAY

Brindleton Bay is a large coastal town inspired by the seafronts of New England. Aside from the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, it is also regarded as one of the game’s most beautiful worlds.

Brindleton Bay | Helen Ashcroft


Rating: YAY

Prepare to discover Selvadoradas’ stunning locations and unique temples. The world is similar to the Latin American region. Beware! Selvadorada is well worth the journey, but there are a few hazards along the way.

Selvadorada | KailynnKat/The Sims Wiki

Del Sol Valley

Rating: YAY

This world, released with the Get Famous pack, is heavily influenced by the Los Angeles area, particularly the Hollywood part. There’s even a walk of fame for the sims!

Del Sol Valley | Helen Ashcroft


Rating: UHM

This, like Oasis Springs, is inspired by rural Southwestern America. The only difference is that StrangerVille has strange people and peculiar events. And, to be honest, rating this is difficult due to a few instances. Perhaps it is in the middle.

Strangerville | Helen Ashcroft


Rating: YAY

There are so many words to describe Sulani—breathtaking, beautiful, and astonishing! The bohemian and island vibes, as well as the stunning scenery, blend marvelously!

Sulani | Reddit


Rating: YAY

Glimmerbrook, like Forgotten Hollow, is small and a little boring despite its magical, mystical feel and breathtaking setting. Nonetheless, it suffices for a yay.

Glimmerbrook | Playalot


Rating: YAY

See Also

This world was created as part of the Discover University expansion pack. It has a lot to offer. It is, after all, a university world. There are two universities in the world that are modeled after MIT and Oxford University.

Britechester | linkysims/Tumblr

Evergreen Harbor

Rating: YAY

One of the game’s best worlds. It has many features, beautiful locations, and, of course, the ability to transform the world by utilizing an eco-footprint system. It also provides flexibility due to the presence of houses and even apartment buildings.

Evergreen Harbor | Helen Ashcroft


Rating: Nay

To be fair to all Star Wars fans, despite the fact that this is a collaboration between The Sims 4 and Star Wars, it is not appealing, and there are far too many rabbit holes.

Batuu | Helen Ashcroft

Mt. Komorebi

Rating: YAY

This is unquestionably at the top of our list. This Japanese-inspired world is exquisitely crafted. It also has a lot of features that are really fun to play with.

Mt. Komorebi | Mandi Odoerfer


Rating: YAY

Through this world, the game allows its players to experience the English countryside. The little cottages are beautiful. Playing with farm animals such as rabbits, cows, and llamas is enjoyable. Overall, it’s fantastic!

Henford-on-Bagley | Helen Ashcroft


Rating: YAY

Ahhh. The setting is breathtaking. It is very Grecian and incredibly beautiful.

Tartosa | Zenionith/The Sims Wiki

Moonwood Mill

Rating: YAY

This was released as part of the Werewolves pack and has a mysterious vibe to it. Very intriguing.

Moonwood Mill | SnarkyWitch


Rating: YAY

Copperdale is the game’s newest world. The setting is lovely, especially the carnival, which is located on the pier and overlooks the water.

Copperdale | Helen Ashcroft

The Sims 4 has everything to showcase whatever vibe or atmosphere you want to play with!

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