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Catanduanes Travel Guide: Must-Try Food Staples

Catanduanes Travel Guide: Must-Try Food Staples

Catanduanes has its fair share of mouthwatering dishes reminiscent of the Bicol region’s cuisine. And since food has been an integral part of traveling, here are some of famous delicacies in Catanduanes you should try.


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Sinalpungan is a popular food in Catanduanes and a favorite snack when having a drink. This food is considered unique as it came from the intestine of a cow or buffalo and this is being called as “libro”. Sinalpungan is cooked by sauteing it with a lot of onions. Its taste can also be compared to isaw but it is more elastic and has a strong flavor inside.

Sizzling Caracol

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Sizzling Caracol is also a unique food in Catanduanes. Its main ingredient is the type of snail found in the forest and it is called “caracol”. Its flesh is cut into small pieces, seasoned to taste, and cooked and served on a sizzling plate.

Fried Kabakab


Aside from snake and alligator, the farm frog or “kakab” in Catandunganon is also a delicacy here in Catanduanes. But you don’t have to worry as these frogs are being cleaned well before cooking. In fact, when tasting this frog, the meat can be compared to chicken because of its softness.

Sariwang Tayong

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“Tayong” or sea urchin is an ocean animal that has sharp spines surrounding its entire body. It despite its scary appearance, it remains an exotic food especially in Japan where it costs expensive. But here in Catanduanes, you can just taste it for free. It is eaten fresh and can be sprinkled with lime or vinegar.

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Hingmay, Maripati at Balaw

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There are different types of binurong isda, but some of the well-known ones in Catanduanes are hingmay, maripati, and balaw which came from fish or shrimp and has an unpleasant smell that is likened to a rotten fish. It has a salty taste and is often used as a side dish, sauce, or as a spice in the dish.

These are just some of the well-known foods that you should try when you visit Catanduanes. So, what are you waiting for?

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