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Break Through Stone Age: Dr. Stone is Back for Season 3

Break Through Stone Age: Dr. Stone is Back for Season 3

In the year 2019, a mysterious flash petrifies mankind around the world—turning every single human into stone and regressing the world back into the stone age. After 3,700 years a 15-year-old scientist, a prodigy of his generation broke free from being stone. Senku Ishigami finds himself in a world where technology and traces of humanity are eroded back to the earth. Senku is now on the mission to bring human civilization back. Along with unlocking the mysteries surrounding the petrification while saving the world using the power of science.

On his journey, Senku will meet a lot of people. Some will help him and some with different ideologies will try to stop him. Nevertheless, Senku will push through for the sake of science and well, humanity. This post-apocalyptic anime series currently has 2 seasons. In addition, not long after the 2nd season ends, the announcement for the 3rd season surprises the fans.

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Dr. Stone Announcement

The JumpFesta, an annual event in Japan announces a lot of exciting news regarding the upcoming anime projects in the next years. One of the big news is Dr. Stone is officially renewed for another season however, it will not be released until 2023. While season 3 won’t be released till January next year, a special episode will come out this July. However, there is still no specific date for the special episode. The episode titled Dr. Stone: Ryuusui will feature Ryuusui Nanami a key character that will also be appearing in season 3. Ryouta Suzuki will be the voice of Ryusui in the upcoming series. 

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At this time, the original manga series by Riichiro Inagaki is tag as completed. You may read it while waiting for season 3 to come. Dr. Stone is available on Netflix, make sure to check it out.

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