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Photo Shoot Themes with Your Friends

Photo Shoot Themes with Your Friends

Want to have a distinguished photo with your friends? Something worthy of remembering, laughing about, and a photo that would capture the essence of your friendship. I GOT YOU! In this article, I’ll suggest some themes for your photo shoot with friends. Something unique, with variety, and fierce!

Theme #1 Choose A Character from Breakfast Club

Title of Photo: BREAKFAST CLUB

Fan of the 1980’s fashion? Characters in the Breakfast club have perfectly summed up the fashion of the era. So if one of you is a black sheep, a jock, an eccentric person, the popular one, or a nerd this would be superb. You can add additional characters if your friend group is more than 5.

What’s more interesting about this theme is that you can experiment with your style. Put some leather jackets, ripped jeans, tees that are tie-dyed, baggy sweaters, etc. The point of this style is to look edgy. Borrow some clothes from the wardrobe of your parents or grandparents who have experienced the vibe.

Theme #2 Fierce Outfits of Cell Block Tango Women

Photo by| Paul Kolnik

Are you and your friends’ theater patrons? Well here’s a classic favorite—Chicago the Musical. Be the Pop, Six, Squish, Uh uh, Cicero, and Lipschitz if you are a group of six. If you and your friends dare to be this revealing and fierce, I suggest you try this all-black theme from the musical.

Complete your look with black stockings, heels, a corset, high-waisted shorts, and a mini dress. You can also put your twist into it by adding some black tie or anything of your liking that will make you more confident about your look. Lastly, put some red lipstick on! It will make the look exquisite.

Theme #3 Red Jumpsuits from Money Heist

Since the Korean version of Money Heist has put thought into changing the mask, why not change it as well? Research something about the Filipino culture that would symbolize to the Philippines and its rich culture. Aside from the red jumpsuits and mask, try also putting some props (e.g. play money) to capture the vibe of the show and characters.

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Theme #4 Stranger Things Casts in their Suits

CREDIT: Courtesy of Netflix | Millie Bobby Brown (center), Finn Wolfhard (upper left), Gaten Matarazzo (lower right), Caleb McLaughlin (upper right), Noah Schnapp (right end), Sadie Sink (lower left), and Priah Nicole Ferguson (left end).

If you and your friends want a more simple and elegant look, this last suggestion might be for you. This photo of the cast of strangers things has got people gushing. People love their style and are fascinated by how the cast has grown over the years.

For the look, put on some blazer, a white turtle neck, a dress, or a suit with warm earth tone colors such as rust, marigold, sage, turmeric, etc. Add little to no accessories. To complete your look ready your fiercest face.

Pick your Peg, Friends!

Regardless of the theme, what’s important is you had fun doing the photo shoot with your friends. It’s the memory behind the photo that counts right? Have fun with them and be in the moment. Say cheese!

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