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Four life lessons I learned from the film “i get so sad sometimes”

Four life lessons I learned from the film “i get so sad sometimes”

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“When you get so sad sometimes, watch a film that will resonate with you.”

Last November 26, 2021, a short film directed by Trishtan Perez titled i get so sad sometimes was one of the entries for the QCINEMA International Film Festival.

Starring JC Santiago, Karl Louie Caminade, and Rus Ligtas, the film represents a topic that seems so sensitive to tell in this society. It’s a story of a gay teenager who eagerly waits for a mature man to finally reveal his face after developing an anonymous sexual relationship with him online.

Apart from its storyline, there are still things you need to discover from this film, and that’s the morals of the story. I really wanted to feature this film without spoiling the entirety of it. So, with that being said, I decided to share the four out of many lessons you can possibly learn from i get so sad sometimes.

1.The Importance of Staying Present

This film is a reflection of our untold realities.

Oftentimes, we want to explore more about who we are and we forget to cherish the small things about us. We’re eager to grow fast, to mature fast, and to experience what adult life feels like. But, as we gratify these urges within us, we put ourselves into the crossroads of learning and regret.

2. Acceptance

If there’s one thing that JC Santiago learned from the character he portrayed, it’s all about acceptance.

Sometimes there are things that don’t go the way we want them to be. Because of that, we experienced discouragement, we become disheartened. And this film will really teach you to accept the things that you can’t control.

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3. Your Mistake Doesn’t Define Your Worth

There’s a chance that you’ll regret doing something that doesn’t correlate to your own favor. If this happens, it’s easy for you to think that you did it in every wrong manner. Then, you’ll consider this as a mistake. You’ll feel regret countless times.

In this film, you’ll encounter a lot of questions wherein you will also ask yourself the same one.

But you need to remember this: You can use that mistake to question your own decision but never your worth. Whatever mistakes that you did commit in the past, for as long as you’re aware of them, and you’ll give yourself the time to heal and forgive, you’ll never go wrong.

4. Pleasure Is Just A Part of Our Human Needs

Yes, you’re reading it right! Any kind of pleasure is just part of our human needs. We want to experience sexual pleasure not because we’re naughty or our soul needs it. But rather, we want to experience a deeper emotional connection that our hearts are longing for. Surely, this is one of the realizations you can learn from the film.

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