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Beauty Tip: How I Take Care of My 2C-3C Curls

Beauty Tip: How I Take Care of My 2C-3C Curls

Beauty Tip: How I Take Care of My Curls (2C-3C Curls)

Are you also someone who has delved into the search for a suitable technique tailored to your specific curl type? Well, you’re not alone. In a society where straight hair was more valued, having waves felt like a distinct identity.

Beauty Tip: How I Take Care of My 2C-3C Curls

As mentioned earlier, my curl type ranges from 2C to 3C. When I wash my hair, it air-dries as 3C curls. However, once it dries and I comb through it, the curls loosen, resulting in a 2C curl type.

I’ve written this article to assist those with a similar hair type as mine. While I understand that everyone’s hair is unique and may not require the same regimen, I hope readers can find at least one tip that resonates with them and works for their hair.

So, how do I care for my curly hair?

I don’t have tools like a hair diffuser to enhance my curls further. As I write this, I’ve focused on budget-friendly ways to care for my 2C-3C hair.

1. Oiling my Hair

I’ve previously discussed the benefits of oiling my hair both before and after a bath. This practice not only helps maintain the health of my hair but also enhances its shine.

Moreover, doing this can also stimulate hair growth, depending on the type of oil I use. Before washing my hair, I massage oil into my roots and along the lengths of my hair to nourish my scalp and combat split ends.

2. Having haircuts

Regular haircuts every six to eight weeks can be beneficial. However, it’s important to recognize that this timeframe may not be suitable for everyone. As L’Oreal also pointed out, hair care needs can vary significantly from person to person.

Additionally, maintaining regular haircuts supports the growth of longer and healthier hair by removing split ends and promoting new growth.

3. Detangling my hair before shampooing

I think it’s common knowledge that our hair is more prone to breakage when it’s wet. So it’s best to detangle hair before washing to prevent split ends. This tip applies to all hair types. However, curls are particularly prone to breakage when wet because managing this hair type becomes harder.

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I use a wide-tooth comb to detangle my hair, enhancing manageability during washing. When dealing with curly hair, remember to begin detangling from the ends and gradually work your way up. This approach minimizes breakage and enhances hair manageability.

4. Regular Shampooing and Hair Conditioning

It’s important to massage your scalp with your fingertips while shampooing as this promotes better blood flow. This action also aids in thorough cleansing, coupled with the running water, facilitating the smooth flow of product during rinsing.

Furthermore, before applying hair conditioner, it’s crucial to remove excess shampoo and water by gently wringing out the hair. When applying conditioner, always start from the ends, as they require more care. Also, since our scalps produce natural oils, applying conditioner directly to the scalp can lead to increased oiliness in the hair.

5. Applying a leave-on conditioner or a small amount of hair oil

For me, this step is optional, but it works wonders for my hair when I do it after washing. As soon as my hair is partially wet and ready for air drying, I apply a leave-on conditioner or a little amount of hair oil to it. And whenever I do this, I notice my curls appear more defined than without it.

Furthermore, most leave-on conditioners provide additional hydration and nourishment for curls, making them a worthwhile addition to your toiletry collection.
While hair oils, as mentioned earlier, enhance moisture and shine as they dry.

Now, it’s important to note that every hair type is unique, so the tips I’ve listed may or may not apply to all. However, my aim in sharing this is to offer a couple of helpful tips for caring for those who has the same curl type as me.
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