American vs. Korean Makeup: Which Do You Prefer?

People use makeup for a variety of reasons, such as to feel confident, dolled up, and even just to look presentable when going out. Makeup is not just an expression of art but also an expression of oneself. Oftentimes, a person’s mood can easily be identified by the looks of their makeup—they could be feeling fancy, lazy, or creative!

Two of the most popular makeup styles that are adopted by most of the world originated from America and Korea. Being from entirely different continents, these makeup styles reflect the country’s culture and beauty standards. Both are highly contrasting yet beautiful in their own way.

What is the difference between the two? How do you achieve these looks? Let’s take a closer look.

American Makeup

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American makeup is focused on giving that mature and sultry look by sculpting and defining your facial features. To achieve this look, start off by applying a layer of full-coverage foundation. Then, apply a cool-toned contour shade on your temples, under your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, and your jawline. Placing bronzer where the sun hits your skin also helps with achieving a bronzy and more sculpted look. After that, give your brows a high arch and an on-fleek foxy eyeliner on top of a dark eyeshadow. Lastly, glide some matte nude lipstick on your lips to finish up the look.

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Korean Makeup

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Korean makeup is all about making you look younger by making your features softer. Instead of a full-coverage foundation, Koreans prefer using BB or CC cream for sheer coverage and a skin-like finish. They also focus on adding blush on the cheeks, nose, and slightly on the temples and chin in place of contouring to achieve a youthful look. Eyebrows are usually shaped either straight or downwards and the eyeshadow is anything light, which usually only switches among pink, peach, or brown. They also add a shimmer shade on the lids and then a very thin eyeliner just enough to make the eyes pop. Lastly, one swipe of a baby pink lip gloss is perfect for natural, juicy lips!

American and Korean makeup styles differ so much that it’s almost impossible to spot a similarity. Their difference in beauty standards sums up the reason for this. After all, mature-looking women are deemed attractive in America while it’s the young-looking women in Korea.

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