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Dream Interpretations: Are They Reliable?

Dream Interpretations: Are They Reliable?

All of us may have woken up once, crying after an intense dream that feels real. More likely, that dream is forgotten soon after waking up. But, what if you happened to remember some vivid memories of it and wonder if they really mean anything?

So, why do we dream in the first place?

The logic of dreaming has perplexed many experts during the past centuries, and until today it still needs a solid answer. Historically, Greek and Roman philosophy predominantly believed it had prophetic powers. It was only until the 20th Century that a scientific study began by neurologist Sigmund Freud. In his book, The Interpretation of Dreams, he theorized that dreaming is a royal road toward the unconscious. It is a byproduct of our unconscious desires and repressed emotions.

Dream Interpretations

Although Freud noted that dreams represent our unconscious selves, they can be figurative or literal. While some dreams have a clear narrative, or precognitive (premonition), others seem strange and beyond reasoning.

If you’re ready to explore and decipher your last dream, at last, here are some five common dreams and their interpretations.


By far, the most common dream of all. Whether it may be from a cliff, building, or rooftop, every falling dream always jerks us awake. Scripture references imply that falling means a lack of guidance. Often, they suggest that you are losing control over your life and want security around your relationships. Other times, they are just an indicator of stress and confusion.

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If you dream of a dog, it symbolizes protection, which could mean a simple warning. These meanings also depend on the nature of the dog that you dreamt about.

Graphic | Ronnabelle L. Bartolay
  • Black Dog – represents your negative emotions.
  • White Dog – represents happiness and healing.
  • Brown Dog – represents your loyalty to friends and family.
  • Dying/Injured Dog – symbolizes changes that are about to happen in your life or your relationships.

Losing Teeth

Folklore suggests that losing teeth means you will experience displeasure. Freud referred to an extracted tooth as symbolic of losing something or someone in life. Thus, removing a tooth could also mean change or transformation. Some other meanings include fear of aging or moving on with your life.

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If you dreamt about this, the feeling of loss might have lingered for a while in your waking life. Fear not, as this dream may sound like a bad premonition about someone dying. However, it usually doesn’t take a literal meaning. A dream of death means a new start of cards or a future conclusion of something, like a career or relationship. Dreaming of a loved one’s death may also indicate that you’re anxious about their well-being.

Graphic | Ronnabelle L. Bartolay

Pregnancy or giving birth

It would be a surprise if you’re single and happy and suddenly… you dreamt you were pregnant. Pregnancy or giving birth in a dream signifies a positive omen. It is connected to something in your life’s growing or development phase that will soon lead to the rebirth of new beginnings.

Graphic | Ronnabelle L. Bartolay

In reality, dreams should not be taken literally, as they can result from a dreamer’s subjective experiences and recollections. At the end of the day, it is still ourselves who should give clarity to what our dreams really mean and how they can affect our approach in life. Do you remember your dream last night? What was your dream like?

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