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All time songs in every karaoke session

All time songs in every karaoke session

In the Philippines, most Filipinos view songs as an avenue to be used in conveying a message to their family, friends, loved ones, or any other people involved in their lives. Actually, if you are about to visit this country, don’t get too surprised if you see people singing different songs on a karaoke machines along their front yard and on every narrow street in their small remote town. For them, it is just another normal day since singing has always been a part of their culture starting from they were little.

You can spot it in any corner of the country, especially on the day of a celebration. It could be a birthday party, a wedding or even a simple unplanned moment between you and your friends. In short, every day in the Philippines appears to be a karaoke session. For you to know how and why did this happen, here are some of the all-time fave songs they play during their spare times.

All time songs in every karaoke session

1. California King Bed

California King Bed is a popular song of our Queen, Rihanna. This is released on year 2010 yet, people as of this moment especially teenagers are found being head over hills to it aside from Riri’s Take a Bow and Umbrella. Honestly speaking, the song is in the Pop genre which makes it more and more enjoyable to the audiences.

Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

2. Listen

Listen was publicize when Beyoncé, a famous American singer songwriter stars as Deena Jones in the movie Dreamgirls. This song is made and released on year 2006 and luckily, it garnered an award namely the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Song.

Both of the two (2) songs are perfect for every girls night-out. So, try it and let your accomplices see how beautiful its lyric is.

Interestingly, if you also want to have a karaoke session with your parents, then the next two (2) songs will accompany you.

3. She’s Gone

She’s Gone is a combination of Glam Metal, Japanese Rock, Pop, Rock and J-Pop genre that is released on year 1990 by Steelheart band. During these days, our parents obviously rock this song so, why not let them play it again and show us how to ace it.

Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

4. Two Less Lonely People in the World

Two Less Lonely People in the World is a remarkable song by Air Supply in year 1982. It is in their Now and Forever album and starting from the day it was out, more and more people found it mesmerizing because it is a multi-genre song of Pop, Rock and even Folk.

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Lastly, let’s check out a song from the one and only Multi-Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter named as Taylor Swift.

5. You Belong with Me

You Belong with Me is a notably masterpiece of Taylor Swift starting year 2008 up until now. It is in a Country Pop or Pop genre and it already won different awards such as MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video and the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Song.

Graphics | Ronalyn Cedullo

Obviously speaking, this song is available in her Fearless album. So, check it anytime you want and anywhere you go.

There we have it, a total number of five (5) songs that you can enjoy for your next karaoke session. Go search it babe, and start channeling your precious talent in singing.

If you happen to list down some of your all-time fave songs, comment down below and let us know it.

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