5 Anime Characters that embody the Indomitable Human Spirit

Anime offers a variety of characters who can’t just seem to give up no matter what. The indomitable human spirit refers to the undying perseverance and human will against the world’s cruelty. From face-tanking punches from sea monsters and sacrificing their lives for the common good, the indomitable human spirit lives valiantly in anime. Check out the undying will of humanity through these anime characters!

Asta (Black Clover)

Black Clover’s Asta couldn’t be any unluckier being born without magic in a world ruled by it. The young boy suffered copious amounts of bullying because there is no way for him to fight back without magic. However, Asta persevered through countless hours of physical training, and just enough luck to earn himself an anti-magic grimoire. Since then, he was subjected to more discrimination, and life-threatening situations, and almost got permanently maimed. Despite this, Asta repeatedly rose up, faced ahead, and went beyond his limits. 

Guts (Berzerk)

When the trend of the indomitable human spirit first sparked, Guts’ name surfaced almost immediately. The Black Knight lived a life of literal hell, born from a corpse and raised by mercenaries. Guts lived for vengeance, hunting demons or being hunted by them. The man lost limbs, body parts, and even his conscience after being beaten to near death by monsters repeatedly. But despite this, Guts rises with a clenched fist, sending his enemies back to hell.

Mumen rider (One Punch Man)

Top-rated C-Class Hero Mumen Rider may not look like your average hero, but his principles and undying will make you think otherwise. Mumen Rider is a hero on wheels, a cycling ally of justice for the innocent. Mumen Rider treats any evil with the same treatment: always looking forward and ending it no matter the cost. He even faced tougher adversity with no way of winning, and still gave his best in the face of death. Truly, the Bicycle of Justice embodies beauty despite the fragility of the human will.

Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan) 

In order to be the commander of the Survey Corps, you need to be cunning, encouraging, and most of all brave. Erwin Smith embodies all that and more. Proving to be the sharpest mind in the show, Erwin gallantly leads his force against the threat of the Titans. He refuses to back down even in the direst situation, sacrificing an arm to save humanity’s last living hope. In the Battle of Shiganshina, the commander was faced between a wall and a raging Beast Titan. Knowing that the only way forward is through, Erwin laid out arguably the best anime speech of all time, before giving his life to end the battle.

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Kyojuro Rengoku (Demon Slayer)

The Flame Hashira gave Demon Slayer fans a taste of an indomitable spirit with his final fight against Upper Moon 3 Akaza. Kyojuro Rengoku exudes a contagious air of confidence and determination that inspires the people around him.  He recognizes evil and slices them up, to protect the living and his comrades -even at the expense of his life. Rengoku fought to fulfill his duty, protecting the lives of his allies and 200 more lives against the raging power of an empowered demon. 

These characters display traits that are detrimental to overcoming adversity in all shapes and forms. More than watching, strive to keep the indomitable human spirit alive, friend! You are more than capable than you initially thought.

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