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ANIME: Death Note Scenes That Linger in My Mind

ANIME: Death Note Scenes That Linger in My Mind

If there’s an old gem worth finding, it would be Tsugumi Ohba‘s Death Note (2006). It follows the demise of an intelligent student and a chief police’s son, Light Yagami, who happened to pick up the death note owned by a shinigami named Ryuk. Originating from their realm, the notebook has supernatural powers, which Light used to banish injustices and kill criminals, seeing himself as God or Kira (Killer).

Naturally, the police did something about the mysterious killings, and L– the world’s best detective, became the head of the operation to hunt down Light. But unfortunately, Light can’t simply kill L because he doesn’t know his face and real name, which is significant to the death note. That’s where the mind games begin.

Death Note’s Most Mind-Boggling Scenes

Potato Chips (Episode 8)

Who knows that eating potato chips would be so epic? Through his door trap and Ryuk, Light found that there are cameras and bugs in his room, which means he’s already under L’s surveillance.

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This is when he pulled the potato chip bag trick, which has a mini TV inside to see the recent criminals’ names and faces in the news. With his back against the camera, he appeared as if he was only studying diligently while eating chips. It made L bitterly conclude Light was innocent at the time. A true genius!

Light Meets L (Episode 9)

Even before Kira’s killings, L doesn’t expose his real identity and uses multiple fake names to remain anonymous. That’s what frustrates Light, as this aspect made it hard to beat and outsmart L.

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But one day, L followed his suspicion of Light and decides to attend the same university with him to further investigate. They both got perfect scores on the entrance exam. L even revealed his detective identity to Light to see his reaction. This made Light panic internally because he knows it was a solid defense strategy so he couldn’t kill L.

Light getting back his memories (Episode 24)

Since L confined him and the second Kira–Misa, Light made a plan to prove their innocence. He relinquished ownership of the Death Note to Ryuk which made him lose memories of everything about the notebook. He ordered it to be given to somebody who’s hungry to kill, so Light could innocently partner with L and catch Kira. When they did, he gets to touch the death note again and gets his memories back as the original owner. Just watch how he did his sinister smirk!

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Rain Scene (Episode 25)

“Yes, the bells are really loud today,” L said to Light in the rain on the rooftop, but Light hears no bells. After getting drenched in the rain, L washed Light’s feet, a biblical reference to how Jesus washed Judas’ feet even though he knows he’s gonna betray him and lead to his death. This scene is merely a prelude to the next notable death note moment.

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L’s Death (Episode 25)

As L is getting close to the truth, Light used the shinigami, Rem to see L’s real name and write it in the death note. Unfortunately, this plan succeeded. Light holds L in his arms and lets him see his yet another smug smirk, which is the only validation that L needs that he was right all along about Light being Kira. It’s not the anime’s ending, but it is an unarguably heartbreaking scene. This is where the anime shifted its course.

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What was the best Death Note scene that we missed? A penny for your thoughts!

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