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You have to watch Ryan Reynolds’ speech for a high school grad class

You have to watch Ryan Reynolds’ speech for a high school grad class


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, graduating students won’t be stopped from experiencing their much-awaited commencement ceremony even if it means doing it online. Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds had the chance to deliver a funny yet inspiring speech for his former’s high school 2020 graduates.

The 43-year-old actor delivered his virtual speech with humor, of course. Kitsilano Secondary School graduates had learned the some life lessons like the value of compassion as told by the Hollywood actor.

“Whether it’s for youself, for someone else – especially for someone else – is good,” Ryan said.

“Empathy has gotten me so much more, so much farther in not only my life but in my career. Validating someone else’s experience or point of view is just about the most radical act of ambition you could ever demonstrate,” he explained, pointing out how empathy could make a difference.

For Ryan, virtues like empathy and compassion will allow a person to fully understand how life works. “To my surprise, this has made me money, friends, priceless memories. It has allowed me to fully accept and provide love. It’s helped me recognize mistakes that I’ve made and learn from them. Above all, it made me happy,” he added.

At the end of the video, Ryan promised large pizza to every graduating student.

Aside from Deadpool movie,  the Canadian actor is notable for his movies such as The Proposal and Blade: Trinity.

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