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We put together this list of love lessons that truly hit home

We put together this list of love lessons that truly hit home

Just like that, January’s history and now, we enter the season of love. There’s plenty to celebrate on February but for the hopeless romantics among us, this month is all about love lessons.

Love can mean different things to different people. It can be expressed in so many ways that oftentimes, it gets confusing.

If you’re one of those baffled by the complexity of this mystery, fret not. We did some research—aka binge watched Netflix K-dramas—and put together this list of love lessons that truly hit home.

Friendship is a great foundation for a romantic relationship, but only if you’re willing to put in the hard work (My First First Love)


Tae-oh and Song-yi are childhood friends who end up living under the same roof, though in a less-than-ideal situation. You know there’s something special between them, but they initially resist it. Eventually, they give in to their feelings, despite being in seemingly perfect relationships.

It’s a fairy tale ending many people would hope for but being good friends do not automatically translate into being compatible lovers. Often, it requires extra work to make the relationship last especially since it’s easy to fall into that comfort zone of familiarity. Friendship is a great way to start but romantic love requires a deeper commitment.

Technology can be a third wheel in a relationship (Love Alarm)


It’s an all-too familiar scenario—you’re together but you’re both fixated on your mobile phones. You hardly talk and when you do, it’s bits and pieces of someone else’s life you’ve seen online.

Mobile technology can change lives and relationships for the better. But if unchecked, it can also drive a wedge in a relationship. Love Alarm depicts an example of what happens when we become too reliant on technology to nurture relationships. It starts off as a ‘cutesy’ love triangle but as it progresses, it becomes a compelling, and perhaps cautionary, tale of love in a digital world.

Pain and loneliness can help teach us to love ourselves (My Holo Love)

love lessons

So-Yeon is lonely and yearning for love. She has a facial blindness disorder which keeps her distant from other people. Then, she becomes a beta tester for a hologram AI assistant, Holo which helps her get through life while his creator, Nan-Do, starts to fall for her. In the process, she learns a thing or two about love.

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Nobody wants to be lonely or suffer pain, but it is inevitable. If anything, it is essential to growth. Through our missteps, we learn. Through our pain, we become stronger. It’s overused but also true. Learning to love ourselves is important so we can learn to love others better.

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