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Why We Still Stan Nadine Lustre — The Unbothered Queen

Why We Still Stan Nadine Lustre — The Unbothered Queen


Despite leading a quiet life in Siargao, Nadine Lustre cannot seem to escape the social media scrutiny. As one of the most genuine celebrities that graced the entertainment industry, it is a wonder that she still gets undeserved hate.

Regardless, she is flourishing and living her best life like the unbothered queen we all know. Here are the reasons why we still stan the 28-year-old island babe:

A Lowkey Philanthropist

Image by SEA Movement via Instagram

Recently, Nadine Lustre and Andi Eigenmann were with the SEA Patrol kids in Siargao. They volunteered in the launch of the mobile library via a read aloud session of the Siargao Environmental Awareness Movement, a non-governmental organization taking care of the island’s seas.

Moreover, they helped out in a series of interactive learning modules to encourage locals in caring for Siargao’s resources and community.

Image by SEA Movement via Instagram

As if she could not get any better, fans were enthusiastic too about her act of charity to the Metro Manila Pride Organization last 2019. To support the LGBTQIA+ community, she donated to the group behind the organization using her second name, Alexis.

Undoubtedly, there are more causes that Nadine supports. Yet this proves how sincere and pure-hearted she is in everything that she does.


Live Performance of ‘Wait for Me’

Besides from her excellent acting career, the actress is known to have exceptional skills in singing and dancing. On Wednesday, she released a live performance in Siargao of her latest single, ‘Wait for Me.’

For quite some time, Nadine has been working with Careless Music. More fans appreciated her passion in music after the launch of her album on October 2020, ‘Wildest Dreams.

In 2019, she also took part in the dance musical film ‘Indak.’ As she rehearsed tirelessly for her role in the movie, the artist proves that she can do anything.

Body Positive

Screenshot from Kapamilya Online World (The original tweet by the user has been deleted.)

Of course, being in the limelight means constant judgment from the public and unnecessary comments. However, our admiration for her even grew as she braved the body-shaming remarks people have thrown at her.

In late October, a user has tweeted how the celebrity has gotten out of shape. Nadine slams the hater by replying, “ew body shamer.”

Furthermore, veteran showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin was also under fire for her offensive remarks on Nadine’s body. During an episode of Cristy Ferminute, she criticized the actress-singer for flaunting too much skin, even suggesting that she should cover up to avoid body shaming.

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Funnily enough, Nadine promoted her single in an indirect tweet to Fermin, “2021 na toxic parin STREAM WAIT FOR ME.”

Screenshot from Nadine’s Twitter Account (@hello_nadine)

On top of that, she also called Fermin a ‘Marites’ (a person who loves gossiping). Perhaps, we can learn a thing from the queen about clap backs!

Emotionally Intelligent

‘Nadine Lustre: In Full Bloom!’ from Karen Davila’s YouTube Channel

Breaking up with a long-term partner is not easy. After parting ways with James Reid in November 2019, many were devastated by this revelation.

However, Nadine handled it maturely. In the vlog of Karen Davila, Nadine was open about still healing from her past relationship. She admitted that James Reid was her “great love” and that she remains grateful for him.

In light of current events, the public has spotted the artist with her rumored boyfriend, Christopher Bariou. Although she has not confirmed anything yet, we applaud her choice to keep things more private.

Most likely, Nadine faced other challenges in life without disclosing it to the public. Nevertheless, she just minds her own business!

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