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Underrated R&B artists that you should check out on Spotify

Underrated R&B artists that you should check out on Spotify

In the 1940s, Black Americans developed a music genre called rhythm and blues or most commonly known as R&B. The genre has continuously flourished and now has its own sub-categories. These, of course, include Contemporary R&B, Disco, Doo Wop, Funk, Motown, Neo-Soul, and Quiet Storm Soul. With the rise and fall of most music genres, R&B is sure to stay with all the up-and-coming artists under it.

With that said, here is a list of underrated R&B artists that you should add to your playlist on Spotify:

UMI | Neo-Soul R&B

Tierra Umi Wilson or most commonly known as UMI is a Japanese-American singer and songwriter. Born on February 9, 1999, in Seattle, Washington, she started writing music when she was just four or five years old. Then, she wrote music in a songwriting journal throughout high school.

UMI released her self-produced music in 2016. Then, her debut EP, Interlude, followed after. UMI makes Neo-Soul R&B type of music and mixes it with hip-hop and rap. As of this writing, Love Affair became her most popular composition with 68, 041, 763 listeners.

DANILEIGH | R&B, and Latin

Danielle Leigh Curiel or professionally known as DaniLeigh is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and choreographer. She released her first single D.O.S.E in 2015.

However, she released her first successful single Play in 2017. The song is about empowerment for Latinas all around the world. It also features Mexican-American rapper Kap. As of this writing, on the other hand, her most popular song Easy with Chris Brown has 215, 413, 558 listeners.

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Amaria Mcgee is a young R&B-Soul artist based in Tampa, Florida. She is an extremely talented creative and specializes in music, photography, videography, and editing on top of being a talented singer-songwriter.

The Moon and the stars aligned to spark a Twilight on the breakout of the R&B-Soul musician. PUN INTENDED if you know what I mean. As of this writing, her most popular song Lose Control has 2, 180, 769 listeners.

These R&B artists will definitely spice up your playlist with their mellow vocals and ethereal voices. Jam out and fall to the beat and their voices. Check them out on Spotify now!

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