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Top five songs from Filipino indie artists to complete your senti mood this rainy season

Top five songs from Filipino indie artists to complete your senti mood this rainy season

Want some drama while listening to music and discovering some Filipino indie artists?

Everyone loves to chill and enjoy the cuddle weather this rainy season. But nothing completes the mood if not for some senti music that you can play in the background while daydreaming that you are in some sort of music video.

Whether it be in your bedroom while reading your favorite book or while riding a bus, chill music is a must to complete that dramatic vibe we are getting from the cool breeze the rain brings to us. Here are the top five songs from Filipino indie artists that will complement your senti mood during the rainy season:

Sol at Luna by geiko

Photo courtesy: geiko, 🌞 “sol at luna” by geiko 🌚

Sol at Luna is geiko‘s song in 2018. Despite having more than just 200k subscribers, Sol at Luna managed to have a total of 2.8 million views. This 8-minute song contradicts Filipino quotation ‘pinagtapo pero hindi itinadhana’ (meant to meet but are not destined). 

Geiko mentioned on her YouTube account that any interpretation for this song is welcome. But whatever it is, for sure this song is destined to remember the painful past of those who will listen to it.

Stay in Bed by YUZON (feat. BV & DMB)

Photo courtesy: YUZON, Stay In Bed (Official Lyric Video) – YUZON feat. BV and DMB

Tired of love songs to listen to when it’s raining?

Stay In Bed by YUZON feat BV and DMB is perfect for those who are experiencing a long distance relationship with their friends this pandemic. YUZON says that this song is about her friend who moved to the US in 2020.

The pandemic challenged everyone globally, this song is best for those who are longing for their loved ones who are far away from them.

Sa Pag-Ikot ng Araw by Gabo Gatdula

Photo courtesy: O/C Records,
Gabo Gatdula – Sa Pag-Ikot Ng Araw (Official Audio)

Do you want to have a senti moment while reading your favorite book or perhaps a Wattpad novel? Gabo Gatdula’s Sa Pag-Ikot ng Araw is one of Golden Scenery of Tomorrow by Gwy Saludes‘s official soundtrack. It is about a man who is yearning for his love to come back into his arms

Fans of Gwy and her story show their excitement in the comments on O/C Records’ YouTube account while imagining Kino, the story’s main lead character, singing this song.

Kung Nag-aatubili by Syd Hartha

Photo courtesy: syd hartha, syd hartha – kung nag-aatubili (Official Music Video)

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Syd Hartha’s kung nag-aatubili is a song that will give you goosebumps, this song is perfect while you listen to the raindrops on your roof at the same time.

There are a lot of interpretations for this song, but one comment from her YouTube account stands out because of her understanding of the lyrics and the music video. According to Pinky Moreno, this song might be about a trapped girl in a house with her lover, not realizing she was a ghost already.

Kung nag-aatubili is for those people who are in doubt of their feelings; unsure of what is in the future and what will happen if they will confess their feelings. 

Binibini by Yūgen Sundae

Photo courtesy: Yūgen Sundae, Yūgen Sundae “binibini” [Official Lyric Video}

Yūgen Sundae is a band who truly deserves the limelight in the OPM scene. Binibini, despite having just 24k streams on Spotify, is a song that can comfort those who will listen to it. It is a song about a person expressing their love to the binibini. 

Listening to this song will make you feel like someone is serenading you because of its tone and harmony. This type of song is perfect for those who are daydreaming about their crushes this rainy season.

Do you have a go-to senti song or a playlist when it’s raining? Or a Filipino indie artist that you are a fan of? Share yours in the comments.

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