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Tips you must know before going to an ukay-ukay

Tips you must know before going to an ukay-ukay

Everything in the world appears to be so pricey right now. It may be a piece of equipment, food, furniture, or even clothing on a daily basis. Actually, there are a lot of expensive brands appearing now, However, not everyone in the Philippines is willing to pay a lot of money just to get these clothes. A lot of them favor going to ukay-ukay stores since the prices are actually affordable. Plus, going to an ukay-ukay is fun. Not only can you save money but you can also style the clothes that you find.

Tips you must know before going to an ukay-ukay

1. Don’t go empty-handed.

There are free things in an ukay-ukay. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t need some cash to actually pay for your thrift finds. An ukay-ukay is a business. So, be sure to pay promptly.

2. Don’t forget to bring a bag when going to ukay-ukay.

Every ukay-ukay store near your area has a variety of lovely goods. They have different types of blinding items on show. So, get your wallet and bag ready. Carrying a bag is really beneficial so that you don’t have to struggle too much with your purchases.

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3. Always look for an ukay-ukay that sells clothes at a lower price.

In the Philippines, ukay-ukays are all lined up at centro. Many of them sell clothes as cheap as PHP 50, PHP 35, PHP 20, and even PHP 10 or PHP 5. So, it is a must for you to look for inexpensive products to buy more clothes that comes perfectly within your budget.

4. Be extra careful on choosing ukay-ukay clothes.

It’s crucial to choose carefully when going to an ukay-ukay because cheap doesn’t always equate to high quality. Always be on the lookout for garment faults and flaws then try considering whether they can still be fixed or removed. That way, you can style it in any way you want and wear it confidently.

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5. Choose what clothes you want.

The last piece of advice I can provide is to always choose what clothes you want regardless of their cost. You must determine here whether the item is nice, wearable, and worth the cash you are carrying so that you can finally say that the product you’re holding is a steal.

Going to an ukay-ukay is exhausting. Yet, if you have patience and you prefer to have clothes at a cheaper price, then just enjoy that tiredness. Just bare in mind these tips and your every ukay session will definitely be easier.

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It’s always “it doesn’t need to be new, it just needs to be appreciated”. Let’s go, my ukay sisters. Let’s find beautiful clothes at a low price.

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