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#TWT: Three Most Common Twitter Communities You Should Know

#TWT: Three Most Common Twitter Communities You Should Know


Twitter is one of the most commonly used social media apps in the world, next to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Although the app may look intimidating at first, once you learn how to navigate it will be just a piece of cake. Having said so, Twitter has a lot of communities that a user can join. The three most common Twitter communities are #stantwt, #bnstwt, and #commstwt. Confused about the terms? Here’s a guide for Twitter communities that you should know if you are new to Twitter:

#stantwt: Where Fans At

By definition itself, Stan Twitter is where fans of celebrities and artists are sharing their opinions, insights, or even experiences in being a fan of a certain group or individual.

Although started in the KPop community, fans of local and international artists have been using the platform to share their admiration for their idols as well. One of the best examples of this is Swifties or Taylor Swift’s fans.

Stan Twitter is not just exclusive to music, anime fans are also using this community for their hashtag parties. Lately, Mikey one of the main characters of the hit shonen anime and manga Tokyo Revengers hit the trends list worldwide after the release of the most recent chapter in its manga.

#bnstwt: Twitter’s Marketplace

Next to online shopping apps and the Facebook marketplace should be Twitter’s buy-and-sell community, or just simply BNS. This community is usually used by KPop stans who are collecting their idols’ merchandise, may it be official or unofficial. BNS Twitter is one of the biggest communities on Twitter, which also means that it could out of hand at some times.

There are a lot of terminologies used in this community. Here are some of the most important acronyms that you may encounter if ever you’ll discover BNS Twitter:

  • WTB/WTS: Want to buy, want to sell. This is where the hunt starts. Twitter users use this as an indicator that they want to buy or sell something. Including either of the two terms when searching for a seller or a buyer will help you filter the search results.
    Helpful tip: Add your country to narrow the results.
  • MOD/MOP: Mode of delivery and mode of payment. This part is important for every BNS post since some buyers want a specific courier or shipping channel when buying an item. On the contrary, sellers may offer a limited option, especially those who are in the province or even outside the country.
  • DOP: Deadline of payment. Although this was often included if the item is pre-order or is coming from overseas, some sellers with on-hand items also offer this.
  • PAYO: Pay as you order. This is the opposite of DOP since this requires the buyer to pay for the item at the same time they placed the order.

Here are the other terms that you may also want to know.

#commstwt: The services of skilled and talented Twitter users

This community may be the newest out of the three, but this is also the fastest one to evolve. From arts, literature, academics, and even cryptocurrency, users who offer and in need of services go and join this community.

One of the most controversial subparts of this community is the academic commissioners. This may be an individual or a group that offers services that helps students with their academic loads.

Commissioners on Twitter grew exponentially when the pandemic hit us in 2020.

These three are just some of the many communities that you can find on Twitter. Do not hesitate to look for the community you belong to and meet users who share the same interests as you.

Which Twitter community are you gravitating to? Share yours in the comments.

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