The Big 3: A not so deep analysis of Girl Group pattern in K-Pop

Right off the bat, K-Pop’s biggest names all came from a trifecta of entertainment labels. SM Town, YG Fam, and JYP Nation pioneered the industry to what it is now. And when it comes to girl groups, they have an uncanny similarity to debut patterns each generation.

Inventing photocards, light sticks, and dance practice videos, the Big 3 companies imprinted their brand’s longetivity in the idol music scene. From hyper-synth sounds of the 2nd gen up to the acquired taste of K-Pop as we know it today, these agencies knows only charted success.

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As fans speculates the privileges of giant companies when it comes to prominence, everything boils down to their girl bands’ triumphs. Decades did pass yet all these female groups stoodout among thousands of others. With fate written in the stars, they bagged achievements from left and right.

Talents so big, I’m sure we can all attest that these bands don’t have special treatments skyrocketing to fame. Or, we just overseeing things in hindsight? Let’s dig in as we debunk the formula of Big 3 companies’ queendom:

A not so deep analysis of Girl Group pattern in K-Pop

The Big 3 Blueprint

Yes, deciphered with great observation, there is a standard to girl groups being produced by the A&R team of these entertainment agencies. From which of we will look more holistically. You see, Big 3 companies has their signature styles of music. But more often than not, they can’t pull the repetition again and again. And so, they did form a pattern to their girl group’s line up of members.

The momentum of debuting in 4-5-9 ratio has aided SM, YG and JYP into the coined synergy of a rivalry when it comes to their girl bands. Jumbling to distinct member branding, these holy trinity of labels know how to play the game.

Moreover, the concept as for better grounding and member quantity, sums up the transition of girl group imagery for the three powerhouse companies. This is an effective experiment for the Big 3 in setting their team up agenda as their reputation catapulted into lesser known companies.

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2nd to 4th Gen Girl Groups

This blueprint started when groups namely 2NE1, SNSD, and Wonder Girls all came to the lime light with their hardwork and passion for being an idol band. Consisting of four, nine, and five-member line ups, respectfully. We can see that as it goes down history, these K-Pop groups build the fanbase to a more stable level as the genre was just introduced from that time.

When it comes to musical direction of the early Hallyu wave, girl bands needs to grow out of their boxes. To showcase their individuality among the ocean of boy groups. Proving that all their trainee days will render in good cause, they need to be extra in their comebacks to leave an impact.

2NE1 being known to carry a badass and swag persona blooms into the chic of their junior label-mate BLACKPINK. This pattern works as well to the other two companies being their debut projects for girl band to pave the way for yet another monster rookie.

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But not all algorithms last long, as YG Fam currently in promotion of their new girl group, BABYMONSTER. This new addition to Big 3 idols cuts through the blueprint. With their tag, clan with a masterplan, this is your next favorite septet.

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Not that surprising for a giant label like YG, the grouo sets apart from the 4th generation rapport, like of girl groups aespa and ITZY. Nonetheless, Baemon is set to brought something in the table this 2023 with Next Movement headlining the holidays that passed.

With lots of hopes, the group might get a great discography taking care of TEDDY of BLACKLABEL, a subsidiary of YG Family. Honestly, this is the safest route for a a rookie, we saw how younger bands get rid of systems the other generations have established and lived in to. Truly, it is time for something uncharted, fresh, and maybe old-school vibe?

Women in K-Pop

Leading and dominating, the Big 3 girl groups are succesful in their own ways. Ditching a pattern or bridging anew, it’s definitely certain we are under a K-Pop girl power era. Let alone their global breakthroughs speak for itself. Walking their path chinned up, so future ones can have their run.

The women in K-Pop is a foreteller that nothing beats persistent and immersive efforts. Snatching award shows, these Big 3 idols burns with passion to be bigger and better. Offering all that they’ve got with concepts, avenues, and skills that is sparkplug.

Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls defying idol perceived notions. Red Velvet and BLACKPINK slaying the international and local scene. ITZY, aespa, and BABYMONSTER into their rise of stardom. TWICE and 2NE1 recalibrating to bastion of fandoms. We’re all winning, huh?

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Already caught up with K-Pop conspiracies? Let me know your unsung thoughts and superstitions to the industry!

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