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TECH REVIEW: FLEEK R10 Bone Conduction Headphones

TECH REVIEW: FLEEK R10 Bone Conduction Headphones

FLEEK is a rising brand known for developing and producing technologically advanced devices for all. Given that they are still a developing company, they are almost as great at producing products that are competent to the market, and I was given the chance to review their new product.

Introducing their newly developed device, the FLEEK R10 BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES. The revolutionary headphones with exclusive features is suited for all!


Upon receiving the box, the elegant black cover of the box containing the image of the actual product will almost capture your eyes. With a distinct display of the headphones, you can clearly see the uniqueness of the product. As I open the box, the headphones and a USB cable charger are seen inside, implying simplicity within the device’s advanced functions.



The FLEEK R10 BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES is structured to fit just around the ear, explaining its distinct structure. It comprises an open-ear design, advanced chipset & sound, and is sweat resistant. A versatile device perfect for your active lifestyle.


This headphone by FLEEK can play your favorite music for 6 hours, non-stop. It also has a 10-day standby time and only takes 2 hours to recharge. Imagine, having your headphones in full functionality for almost a quarter of your day. FLEEK R10 BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES will surely be your reliable device.


Being away from your phone while playing your favorite music won’t be a problem if you have these headphones. With a 10-meter range from the device, you can still clearly hear and enjoy your favorite artists without hassle.


Listening to music has never been livelier! With the advanced development of the headphone’s chipset, the quality of the sound heard from the device is clearer and more audible to the user.

Easier connection to your device is made easier and gives you the experience of hearing quality produced sounds, clearer voice capture, and noise cancellation feature making your overall experience, hassle-free.

Also, its wireless design makes it more movement friendly as the worry of tangling its wires is no longer a problem.



The advanced technology built into the FLEEK R10 BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES, bone conducting technology prevents the eardrums to be fully exposed to loud music and helps the prevention of hearing loss whilst giving you comfort.

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Moreover, it does not only help with my listening experience but my response can be recorded without unnecessary noise. Introducing, the noise canceling feature of FLEEK R10 BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES.


I enjoyed and utilized the device very well! With different features and advanced design, I was able to use the headphone in different situations without worrying.

Being one of the avid users of headphones, the advanced features of the FLEEK R10 BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES are a great help in increasing the overall quality of my communication, and my hearing experience in total! A true golden device to have.


You can purchase FLEEK R10 BONE CONDUCTION HEADPHONES in their official stores nationwide, website, or through their online store at Shopee and Lazada. Get them for the Regular price₱2,999.00 PHP. What are you waiting for, don’t miss your chance to get this revolutionary headphone!

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