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All About Ida Anduyan and Her Chic Beach Looks

All About Ida Anduyan and Her Chic Beach Looks

We’re sure you’ve noticed how well-curated Ida’s IG feed is.

Everything aesthetic from her #idanalogue series of film-captured photographs to her love of coffee and cups, and unique fashion pieces.

And if you’ve followed her over the years, you’ve noticed how she transitioned from loving bright pops of color to stylish minimalistic neutral tones.


But that’s not all! I know you’ve also been eyeing her dainty bikinis from her beach getaways which are, by the way, a dream.

So, here’s a lookbook of Ida’s cute and stylish bikini-clad moments.

Everything Earthy

The interior’s earthy and neutral tones go perfectly with her cocoa-colored bikini and luscious skin. Ida knows exactly what she’s doing.

For The Love of White

Same bikini top but in a tasteful off-white color.

The flared high-waist shorts and seashell choker give off a fresh island girl vibe. You can never go wrong with an all-white outfit and maybe a pair of tinted sunnies for a hint of color.

The Caption Says It All

When I say I love butter and toast, this is what I mean.

If I’m not wrong, Ida purchased this set from a Shopee store, but boy, does she make it look expensive!

And the enchanting color of the water just adds to the magic of these photos.

Blue Looks Good on You!

As much as we love neutral colors on her, there’s no denying that this blue set looks amazing on Ida.

And that ensemble looks so cozy for a relaxing stay at the beach. We need that as well, and we need it now!

All Beautiful Shades of Green

Our girl really needs to give us a crash course about how to style monochromatic pieces because she is totally slaying it.

I never considered going green on the beach but then I saw this and now I think most of us will now do.

Adventurous and Wild at Heart

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If you’re skeptical of prints, let Ida convince you that you only live once, so go for it.

And oh, as a side note, that body is just WOW!

Perfect Tandem

What can we say? They’re made for each other. A true #SanaAll moment.

But don’t fret our single pals, you can still look as divine as Ida here even without a Miguel.

Maybe these looks by Ida will do the trick?

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