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7-Eleven’s New Korean-Inspired Snacks

7-Eleven’s New Korean-Inspired Snacks

Certainly, 7-Eleven is a very well-known convenience store not only in the Philippines but also internationally. Some of their populars are the Big bite hotdog sandwich, busog meals, Crunch time fried chicken, Chef creations, and slurpee. Truly, 7-Eleven provides a very convenient meal at a reasonable, and affordable price. Moreover, the convenience store also launched its 7-Fresh Asian series. It started off with Japanese snacks like triangular kimbap, mixed, and California maki.

Meanwhile, heads up to the Korean drama fans out there!

Last month, 7-Eleven launched its Korean-style snacks consequently hopping on to the Korean wave trend. This will be the second of their 7-Fresh Asian Series. Thanks to them, you can now enjoy these Korean-inspired sandwiches for as low as Php 49. Three kinds of delectables are now offered, letting you taste Seoul even on a tight budget. 

Photo by Patches of Life. new Korean Snacks
Photo | Patches of Life

First on the list is the trending K-Style Egg Drop Sandwich. In between two slices of bread, savour the fluffy eggs, and a slice of ham and cheese. No wonder that it became famous after being advertised in the series of Hospital Playlist. Now if you’re on a diet and healthy living, the K-style Plant-based Chicken Burger is perfect for you. Last is the K-style Garlic Cream Cheese Bun, with its crispy, soft, garlicky, sweet, and buttery flavor. These new Korean-style snacks are perfect for merienda, especially while watching your favorite K-drama. You might also get hungry after dancing in some K-pop songs, so better treat yourself with these goodies.

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One can argue that 7-Eleven is indeed one of the staples of many Filipinos. Aside from being so convenient, the store still provides more options for its customers. As we all know, Hallyu, or the Korean wave is a hit worldwide. Meanwhile, these newly launched snacks were in regard to this Korean trend. So for those who love 7-Eleven, watch out for more as they continuously grant us new flavors from different delicacies worldwide. 

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