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Jed Madela is “over the moon” as BTS’ RM ‘hearts’ on his art toys

Jed Madela is “over the moon” as BTS’ RM ‘hearts’ on his art toys


Imagine getting a like, comment, retweet, or any type of appreciation from your favorite artist? Only Jed Madela can relate to that. He’s truly living every ARMY’s dream!

Pop balladeer Jed Madela expressed his excitement after RM (Kim Namjoon), the leader of the global pop superstars BTS heart-reacted to his direct message on Instagram.

Jed has always been vocal about his love for BTS, so he didn’t take long enough to share the love he received from RM on his social media handles. In fact, this is the second time he got noticed by the famous idol. How much luckier can he be?

RM first noticed Jed Madela’s art toys last December.
Jed Madela fanboys over RM’s heart reaction on his art toys this Tuesday.

Their shared love for art toys

Aside from being a rapper-songwriter, BTS’ RM is also known for collecting figurines, particularly Kaws, Bearbricks, and Ryan from Kakao Friends. In his personal studio called Rkive, the avid collector has set aside a room to exhibit his wide collection.

Meanwhile, Jed has an extensive collection of Funko toys in his home, including those based on Disney, Pop TV Series, and horror characters, as well as those based on music icons. He has been experimenting with art toys ever since– designing, sketching, painting, and sculpting them.

Hence, Jed launched Madd Creatives, a one-stop-shop for all his creations. The BTS-inspired VuDu art toys, which he showed to RM, are one of his latest collections. Based on their interaction alone, it seems that RM would consider adding Jed’s art toy collection in his Rkive! (Again, how lucky of Jed?)

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Jed Madela is living the ARMY dream!

ARMYs and also fans of Jed have joined the excitement lane! Tweets like “sana all” and “how to be u po?” flooded the feed, making Jed Madela a trending topic on Twitter. Honestly, who doesn’t want to be noticed by their faves?

Jed has been a huge BTS fan for the past two years, and he has been documenting his ultimate ARMY experience on social media. He uploads videos of his merch collections, music video and album reactions, and online concert vlogs on his Youtube channel.

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