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Park Bogum, the ultimate boyfriend material

Park Bogum, the ultimate boyfriend material

My heart flutters in a way that has never been before. As I watch him smile, I see the world in full colors with him as the brightest among the others. And like the sun, he sheds light on every corner. He is the Reply 1988 and Record of Youth star Park Bo-gum, a ray of sunshine with a natural charm that has completely captured my heart.

Photo | Blossom Entertainment

Park Bo-gum is known in the industry for his all-rounder appeal and jaw-dropping talents. In fact, you may have probably heard of him from several K-dramas and K-pop award shows. From acting to music, and to his down-to-earth personality, this green flag heartthrob will definitely check all your boxes.

Park Bo-gum, the ultimate boyfriend material

His stunning visuals

Photo | Record of Youth

Anyone would surely fall in love with such heavenly beauty. The Bo-gum’s gorgeous visual and stunning proportions have earned him the name Hunnam (훈남), a Korean term for a charming person with an exceptional look and personality. This consequently paved the way for many promotional activities as well as brand sponsorships. After being discharged from his mandatory military service earlier this year, the 28-year-old officially entered the fashion industry as Celine’s first-ever male actor ambassador.

A charming actor

Photo | Reply 1988

I first saw him as Choi Taek from the infamous nostalgic drama Reply 1988, which eventually became my favorite K-series ever. His low-key yet affectionate charm in his role instantly converted me into a fan, prompting me to binge-watch his other series such as Love in the Moonlight, Encounter, and Record of Youth.

As I watch more of his dramas, I noticed how magnetic his acting skills are as he lures you to fall in love with his characters. He is a magical love spell, perfect for the leading man roles. However, we have not seen the Bo-gum Magic for a while since his last project Record of Youth. Nevertheless, I do hope to see him back in acting this coming 2023.

A typical charismatic Gemini

Photo | KDramaStars

Being born on June 16, 1993, makes Bo-gum a Gemini sun, Taurus moon, and Virgo rising (yes, I did look up his birth chart). In astrology, Geminis are known to have great communication skills and effective charisma. Most of the Geminis I know have a natural flair for hosting. Therefore, it is not a surprise to see him hosting events and music shows such as Music Bank and the recent 2022 MAMA Awards.

Although many would probably find Geminis as “red flags”, I guess we just have to make an exception for this one. I mean who would say no to his adorable charm and confident emcee skills?

His love for music

Photo | HaB Korea

If you did not know yet, Bo-gum can also sing, and he sings really well! I was frankly blown away when I first saw his video singing Gary Valenciano’s I Will Be Here at his tour in Manila in 2019. I literally had no idea he had such dreamy and calming vocals. Listening to it feels like a warm blanket and a cup of coffee on a rainy day.

Then, I learned that he also released some songs. Among them are Bloomin’, Let’s go see the stars, Fall into My Arms, Dear My Friend, and many others. However, my favorite would always be All My Love. This song was released in 2020 as Bo-gum’s expression of love for his fans, which is also why it is both in Korean and English.

Aside from singing, Bo-gum is a great pianist. He actually learned how to play the instrument in kindergarten. His interest in music developed by joining a church choir and musical productions while growing up. He later graduated with a degree in musical theatre from Myongji University in 2018.

Prior to his successful acting career, he auditioned for different talent agencies with a dream of being a singer-songwriter. Despite the shift to acting, Bo-gum never lost touch with his musical side.

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His surprising dance skills

I swear this man is full of surprises. During his tour in Manila, Bo-gum shocked the fans with his amazing dancing skills. From Twice’s What is Love, Seventeen’s Pretty U, to BTS’s Boy with Luv, he performed them all with absolute finesse like a K-pop idol. Someone better give this guy more solo opportunities because he truly deserves to shine more musically.

A supportive ARMY

Photo | Soompi

Prepare your ARMY purple hearts because Bo-gum is a BTS fan as well. And he is not just any fan, he is also Kim Taehyung’s (V) best friend. He even attended their concert with an ARMY Bomb and VIP access to their dressing rooms. Are you jealous now, because you should!

His lovable personality

Even with fame and fortune, Bo-gum remains a kind, humble and loving son and friend to many. However, behind his bright smile and confident personality lies an expressive man in touch with his emotions.

Photo | Han Cinema

In a variety show, he reveals his longing for his mother who passed away when he was young. He then emotionally expressed his regret for not having a formal family picture with her. It shows how much of a sentimental person he is in real life. Indeed, he embodies his Reply 1988 character, Choi Taek.

Well, what are you waiting for? It is about time to add him to your long list of boyfriend standards that no man could ever possibly achieve. Good luck to ever finding love after falling for this heaven-sent of a man.

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