OPINION: My Favorite Call of Duty Mobile Streamers

The COVID-19 pandemic created significant changes in many aspects of our life. It altered the way we communicate, shop, and even how choose to spend our time. Moreover, much anecdotal evidence suggests that during the pandemic, many people started to play and watch live streamers. Therefore, these activities began to develop into hobbies to pass the time at home, or simply to decompress.

Throughout the years, the gaming industry in the Philippines has continuously expanded and prospered. Through this, the industry offers people to earn money by simply live-streaming their gameplay. Consequently, this also made gamers quite popular on social media. Thus, making them an online personality in their community. 

One of the biggest gaming communities now is the Call of Duty: Mobile community. Many Filipinos, regardless of age, play the game and subscribe to the CODM streamers. 

Having said that, I monitored and followed some gaming creators of CODM, and here are my favorite Filipino CODM streamers:

Stormi Gaming

Photo from Facebook | Edited by Joseph Villena.

Eric Andrei Marcelino, popularly known as Stormi, is a gaming content creator that has 878 thousand followers on Facebook. She usually streams CODM with her friends, who are also CODM content creators. This includes Pixie, Siobe, Joro, and Vivi

Stormi does not just use her platform only for entertainment. But instead, she is using the platform she has to empower LGBTQIA+ in streaming and gaming. In fact, Stormi always tries to break the stigma about gender roles when it comes to gaming. 

Synth Gaming

Photo from Facebook | Edited by Joseph Villena.

Currently, Synth has obtained over 520 thousand followers on Facebook. He is known for playing Battle Royale game mode in CODM. He usually plays solo; however, sometimes, he gets to play as well with his friends. This includes Tokyo, Alat, and OoopsSorry

Synth promotes camaraderie and sportsmanship in his streams. In fact, one of his gameplay videos last May 2021 won the hearts of many players. In this video, Synth and his teammates gave the win to a solo player. Despite the fact he has experienced a continuous losing streak, he still chooses to give the win to his opponent. Additionally, this video speaks about respect, trust, and kindness in the CODM community. 

Sharlene San Pedro

Photo from Facebook | Edited by Joseph Villena.

By this time, everyone is familiar with Sharlene San Pedro. Many Filipinos know her because of her job as a Filipino actress. Additionally, she also works as a vlogger, VJ, singer, and TV Host.  Moreover, Sharlene also delved into the gaming industry. Now, she is one of the most popular streamers and has gained over 2.2 million followers.

Sharlene usually plays every Wednesday to Saturday. And most Filipino gamers liked her streams because she always gives a light, happy, and energetic vibe. Above all, Sharlene also uses her platform to promote a more friendly gaming community. 


Photo from Facebook | Edited by Joseph Villena.

Jerrold C. Regay, popularly known as Woopiiee, earned the title of Best Sniper in the Philippines. He plays as a professional Esport player for Smart OMEGA. Additionally, he and his team (Smart OMEGA) always compete in international Esport tournaments carrying the Philippine flag. 

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I think among all pro players and streamers in CODM, Woopiiee is the most humble. And that characteristic alone makes me support him. Additionally, he always shares techniques with his viewers and fans to be better at using a sniper in the game. Consequently, he gained over 864 thousand followers on Facebook

Doss Gaming

Photo from Facebook | Edited by Joseph Villena.

Joshua Trinidad, popularly known as Doss, is a gaming content creator that has 215 thousand of followers on Facebook. He is also part of Amplify by Tier One Entertainment. Additionally, many fans know Doss as someone who can master any gun at the game. In fact, he has been using a lot of guns ranging from SMG, LMG, Sniper, and even Marksman.

Moreover, Doss frequently plays with his fans and viewers. He does this to be closer and to create a bond with his supporters and viewers. Furthermore, he always shares his gun’s attachment, sensitivity, and techniques to help gamers to be better at playing games. 

Personally, I find these CODM streamers as one of my saviors during the pandemic and lockdown. During that period, I lost my will in everything. I got tired of doing nothing. However, these people, even though I do not know them personally, gave me entertainment. Additionally, they brought light and provided me with an activity to do. 

At some point, these personalities have improved gamers’ perceptions of their overall well-being. They bring gaming into the way that it bridges the gap brought by COVID-19. Furthermore, they hold to their promise of stress-relieving and mentally engaging diversion from the impacts of isolation.

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