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National Museum reiterates policies after viral clip of visitor doing TikTok

National Museum reiterates policies after viral clip of visitor doing TikTok


The National Museum of the Philippines (NMP) recently called public attention as it re-emphasized its existing policies for its visitors.

Through its official page on Facebook, the National Museum reminded its goers to observe proper etiquette when inside the premises. The reiteration occurred after a video of a visitor caught committing a violation gained massive engagement in social media.

In the clip, a young woman used one artwork in the exhibit to film herself dancing on TikTok. This incident triggered various reactions, with many online users calling out the blatant misdemeanor.

National Museum stresses ‘no video’ policy

Last Wednesday, the National Museum took to its verified platform to stress its protocols. 

“The NMP would like to urge all visitors and museum-goers to adhere to our Visitor Guidelines,” it wrote. They added that the works of art and specimens on display must be treated with “utmost care and respect.” 

Moreover, the museum enjoined guests to “serve as stewards of collections” and help protect, preserve, and disseminate the Filipino legacy.

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Photo | National Museum of the Philippines

Meanwhile, among the specific regulations the NMP emphasized is minimizing voice inside the galleries. It also forbids physical contact with any items on display, like paintings and sculptures. The same goes for leaning against pedestals and glass cases.

On the other hand, the National Museum clarified that there are no restrictions in taking photographs. However, authorities prohibit using a camera flash to eliminate the risks of damaging artwork and distracting other visitors.

As for recording videos, it is strictly not permitted. Several reasons backed up this imposed regulation, which covers both concerns in security and copyright.

For the National Museum’s complete list of visitor guidelines, click here.

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