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Must Try Alcohol Mixes for Your Barkada

Must Try Alcohol Mixes for Your Barkada

For many, barkada night out will not be complete without alcohol. It’s like a potion that makes the bond between friends more special. Whatever type of drinker you are, you must have your own preference when it comes to beverages. In case you’d like to skip going to a bar and just stay at home instead, we have alcohol mixes recommendations for you! These drinks will surely make your evening extra fun! Not to mention, you can save quite a sum.

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Dirty Sangria

Social media influencer and vlogger, Angel Dei, made a tutorial on how to make this cocktail drink. In her vlog titled Cheap Alcohol Mixes, she combined wine, orange soda, cola, light brandy, and fruits like oranges and apples. If desired, you may also add grapes to it. Of course, it’s not literally dirty. According to her, they named it Dirty Sangria since it has a mix of everything. No exact measurements were provided but in the video, she first combined the soft drinks. Add more of the orange soda than the cola and for the alcohol, the amount will depend on how strong you’d like it to be. Lastly, do not forget the fruits!


Taste the spirit of Boracay in the comfort of your home with this alcoholic drink. The star of this cocktail is rhum combined with a pack of 3-in-1 coffee, powdered chocolate drink, and condensed milk. This drink is known for being sweet but you’ll still get the strong taste of rum. In a tutorial made by YouTube content creator Manong Jireh, he uses 750 ml of Tanduay Rhum with 3 sachets of milo, 2 sachets of Kopiko brown, and 160 ml of condensed milk. If you love chocolatey drinks, this one’s for you!


Galaxy isn’t only popular for its taste but also for how pretty it initially looks once combined. Just like the previous ones, this contains basic stuff that can be found even in sari-sari stores. You will only need light gin, a blue energy drink, lemon-lime flavored soda, and grape powdered juice. Some would even add mint bubble gum for a hint of flavor. This is pretty light and would fall as ladies drink but if you’re into strong liquor, you may substitute light gin with pure one.


This came from the Spanish word destrozo which translates to destruction in English. The name itself lets you know that you’re about to get drunk for the night! Well, it’s hard not to since two alcoholic beverages are in it: gin and beer. Along with these are powdered pineapple and grape juice. You may also add a cup of water to make it less concentrated. After this, you’re a true certified ‘manginginom’.

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Soju Sakura

Our last drink only needs five ingredients to create but I guarantee that it tastes real expensive. Soju Sakura is perfect for chill nights, enough to make you feel tipsy. For this, you’ll need a bottle of soju, lemon-lime-flavored soda, and strawberry-flavored powdered juice. Easy as 1-2-3, right?

You’re all set for your next inuman session! Now, all you need to do is drink moderately and responsibly. Most importantly, do not forget the ice!

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