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Low Budget Alcoholic Mixed Drinks for ‘Walwal Night’

Low Budget Alcoholic Mixed Drinks for ‘Walwal Night’

Are you a party-goer? Or just drinking casually and enjoying time with friends and loved ones? Well, these low-budget alcoholic mixed drinks might help you enjoy your ‘walwal night’ even if you are on a tight budget!

Drinking is not just about getting wasted. It also plays an important role in your social life. Most importantly, in the workplace, wherein it may be an opportunity for you to build your business relationships and connections.

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Little did you know, you might get a plus point for knowing the alcoholic mixed drinks that will hype up your planned party. Get your pen and take a note of this!

List of perfectly mixed drinks

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  • Gin ‘bilog’- This should be number one on your list. Aside from the fact that it is really affordable, this alcoholic drink can be mixed with a variety of beverages. Commonly used are the Tang juice flavored pineapple, pomelo, four-season, or anything that will suit your taste. You can also mix it with energy drinks such as Sting, Gatorade, or anything you prefer. Do not forget to fire it up, literally, as they say, it will reduce the strong taste in it.
  • Soju- This drink blows up because of the Korean drama madness of Filipino people. However, this is a bit pricey for some, so they opt to buy So Nice, which has a very similar taste to Soju but at a cheaper price. This is the usual drink of Korean artists. To spice it up, you may mix it with Yakult and Sprite. I assure you, it tastes like juice. If you want a stronger taste, you may mix it with San Mig Apple and Sprite. Or if you want a sweeter taste, you may add juices
  • Mojito- GSM Blue is perfect for a night party. You can either mix it with juices or Sprite with Gatorade. If you want it to look sassier, you may add fresh fruits and candies.
  • Emperador- You may drink this alone with water as your chaser. Or if you dislike the strong taste it contains, you may add Tang grapes or Coke so it will taste better.

Things not to forget

Alcoholic mixed drinks will never reduce their alcohol content of it. So, even if you add all sorts of flavored beverages, you will still feel nauseous and dizzy after a few shots. Make sure to only have a drink with people you know and you can trust.

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Before drinking, eat enough food so your body will be in its best condition to have a few shots. After you drink, make sure to also drink lots of water to hydrate yourself. People often forget this, and that’s why they have some sort of sickness after waking up.

Remember, drink responsibly!

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