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Kim Chiu’s Bawal Lumabas full version is the most important thing that happened today

Kim Chiu’s Bawal Lumabas full version is the most important thing that happened today


Kim Chiu took to Youtube on Monday night to clarify how she’s responding to the major backlash she has received from her  “Law of Classroom” or “Bawal Lumabas” statement that went viral. Many have accused the actress of not being sensible and has been the recipient of harsh criticisms from the people who want ABS-CBN to shut down. Afterwhich, she has opted to be quiet and elusive.



Whereas others could have been easily shaken off, she’s turning it around into a positive situation. As they say, when life gives you lemons, create a lemonade. Kim has released Bawal Lumabas, The Classroom Song. It was a collaboration with Dj Squammy and Adrian Castro. Check it out:


Kim candidly shares her bad experience. “I was really down in the past few days but of course, pag may problems, hindi mo dapat tinatambayan so dun tayo sa option na move forward. Yung mga problems ito yung makakapagpatatag ng character natin. Ang daming temptations, ang daming taong makakasakit sayo. They will teach you how to grow, how to be yourself. Ito yung mga bagay na magtuturo satin dahil wala naman tayong kakapitan kundi sarili lang natin at dahil dyan tinigil ko ang social media. Kontrolado mo yung papasukin mo sa emosyon mo and I stayed away from my phone just to keep my sanity,” the actress said. She’s eager, mature, and poised in the vlog.

What happened?

The song is a major clapped back to those who are trying to judge her. This can silence her critics and is such a savage response. Her statement was so talked about that it has even created a Tiktok craze. This is turning to be a narrative that has full of twists and turns. It has pulled us all out from the boredom of ECQ and is keeping us all entertained.

She admitted that she was hurt by the harsh criticisms and humbly said that she wasn’t able to construct it logically. With what happened, she’s thankful that the most important people in her life stayed with her. It only proves that she’s strong and is trying to be a bigger person.

Kim is so grateful for the open Letter from Adrian Crisanto that has encouraged her to stay strong from the trolling she received. Adrian said that Kim can turn it around because she’s in the position of inspiring people. He also advised that we should step back and think first before we put something online because that might hurt someone and we can never take it back.

Kim also recognized the beat created by DJ Squammy after it has created a Tiktok Craze. She said that she appreciates it because it has given people some entertainment during this ECQ. What was supposedly just a digital content has now officially become a song under Star Music.

What have we learned?

This approach by Kim is a persuasive and overpowering response to silence her critics. Trolling or saying harsh criticisms online can be hurtful to the person who receives it. These provocative and offensive messages can even be qualified as cyber-bullying. It can cause heightened levels of anxiety and lower self-esteem for the victim. Surely the effects can erode someone’s mental health and can cause someone’s misery.

Kim should be lauded on how she’s handling the situation. She’s taking the higher road and is choosing to be a bigger person. It is unexpected but it’s her wisest decision yet. She’s teaching us to look at things positively and to forgive quickly. Harboring animosity will surely be toxic and letting things go can make her detractors shut up. Now that we’re in crisis, forgiving is the mood that we should all have.

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