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Sadly, Fil-Am Francisco Martin ends ‘American Idol’ journey

Sadly, Fil-Am Francisco Martin ends ‘American Idol’ journey

Pinoy pride Filipino-American Francisco Martin just ended his American Idol with Top 5 finish. After the three months of competition and bringing pride and honor to Filipino community across the globe, he ended his journey with a smooth performance.

In the recent episode, Martin picked Harry Styles’ “Adore You” for the Top 7 round — delivering a smooth rendition of the smash hit inside his house in San Francisco.

Martin eventually advanced to the Top 5 with Dillon James, Arthur Gunn, Just Sam, and Jonny West, and they had to perform another song.

For his second at-home performance, he reprised Maggie Rogers’ “Alaska” — the same song he performed during his audition on American Idol. But this time, he chose an outdoor setup and performed in what appears as their backyard with his family and friends cheering for him in the background. How sweet!

Here are judges’ comments on his performance:

Katy: “Oh my God Francisco the people outside that balcony really touched my heart. That was so sweet. That performance was an elevated version of what you gave to us in the beginning. I mean you’re so smooth when you delivered that. It sounded like it was professionally recorded in a studio somewhere. That’s how good it was, Francisco. Congratulations.”

Luke Bryan: “Man, I’m so proud to see you here. I’m so heartbroken that this is the last time that we’ll see you, get to hear you perform like this on American Idol. And I just know that the sky is the limit for your career. Thank you so much, Francisco,” he said.

Lionel Richie: “You know Francisco, my mother was an elementary school teacher and principal and she has always said to me what makes a great teacher is that you have great students. You had been a model student, my friend. You have taken all of our notes and every time I see you, I smile while you’re performing. Because you have delivered the goods on Graduation Day. God bless you, man.”

The 18th season of American Idol was particularly special because half of the competition was shot in the homes of both the judges and contestants due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Just Sam was named this season’s American Idol.

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