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Did you know the meaning behind Nadine’s tattoo on her arm?

Did you know the meaning behind Nadine’s tattoo on her arm?


Just before the implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), actress Nadine Lustre just had had a Japanese name tattooed on her arm and a vine tattooed on her finger. In an interview radio station Monster RX93.1, the 26-year-old star explained the meaning of her newest tattoos.

The Japanese name on her arm is inspired by a relative.

“My uncle kasi I was asking him about our family tree. And we ended up talking about my great, great grandfather. He said that our last name would not have been Lustre. It’s Japanese, it’s Komiya. It’s my great, great grandfather.

“I think he said he’s Japanese, that he moved here, married a Filipina but he ended up changing his last name to his business partner’s last name which is Lustre. It’s so crazy, right?” she explained.


Nadine, then, revealed she has always been fascinated to Japanese culture, and she thinks this might be the reason.

“It was weird like even as a kid I’ve always been fascinated with the Japanese culture and I always feel like I belong somewhere there. I’ve always had that feeling. Then my tito told me about it and then one of my aunts like confirmed. I was like ‘oh that’s crazy.’ It would have been Komiya,” she shared.

“So my tattoo means Nozomi Komiya because Nozomi means hope and Nadine also means hope so I just kind of figured that out and decided to use that,”  she added.


Meanwhile, her vine tattoo on her finger means “to stay humble.”

For those who don’t know, Nadine currently has 10 tattoos. She plans to get a butterfly tattoo soon.

“I want a butterfly kasi you know like in class before they will teach you about reincarnation. I was always a butterfly person,” she said.

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