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K-Drama Fans Debate: Team Ongoing vs Team Completed

K-Drama Fans Debate: Team Ongoing vs Team Completed

K-Drama offers a wide range of options. In search of a rom-com? Strong Girl Bong-soon is in sight. Want to see a fantasy-infused love story? I present Goblin. Do you prefer a historical theme? Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is for you. Whatever you want, K-Drama can give it to you.

Korean Drama has differences, and so do its viewers. While the genre is non-debatable, the way viewers watch them is something that you can discuss with your fellow K-drama fans. Whether you have a long discussion or agree and discover another common denominator for your friendship, it’s fun to see the point of view of each other. 

Let’s look at K-Drama fans’ preferences in ways of watching. Which viewers do you belong to — team “Completed” or team “Ongoing”?

I’ll start by saying that you can do whatever floats your boat. The following, however, explains why some K-Drama fans choose to wait for the precise release date of each episode or why some of them wait weeks or months for the drama to end before they start viewing it.

The element of surprise (not jumpscares.)

Who doesn’t enjoy being surprised? Well, it depends on the context. However, experiencing a surprise while watching your favorite ongoing show might offer you a sense of fulfillment and excitement.

Particularly if an unexpected plot twist, like the ones in Penthouse, entered the storyline. It’s very normal if you want to pause the episode so you can process the show’s unexpected turn of events.

If you are a member of Team Ongoing, you would really experience the thrill if you watched the episode as soon as it aired. But don’t worry; even if you wait until the show is finished before binge-watching it, the element of surprise will still be present. That is unless someone on the internet has already spoiled it. Because it is quite unlikely that you will not hear about the highlights of a K-Drama especially if it is the talk of the town. Good luck if you hate spoilers.

Online community’s hype (hello, mutuals!) 

How many friends have you gathered after having a common interest? Things aren’t all that different over here.

You could discover that your online circle expands as a result of exchanges like another WTwo Worlds watcher sending “true sis” in response to your tweet that “Kang Cheol is really handsome in this episode.” With it, Team Ongoing may participate in the online platforms’ enthusiasm and keep updated about the specific drama.

In contrast, Team Completed won’t know how heavenly Kang Cheol seems because they have no idea how he appears in that episode. The cluelessness can’t make them relate to the conversation because who even is Kang Cheol? Dunno! The buzz is not all that horrible. The hype may make them want to watch it, but will still wait until it is completed. One cannot condemn and humiliate you. You will still be swooned by Kang Cheol’s beauty by that time and the online community will still agree regardless.

Guessing the next happenings (releasing your inner scriptwriter) 

Although not too many K-Drama viewers do this, it is enjoyable to do! You will have plenty of time to play a guessing game if you are a member of Team Ongoing since you will have to wait days before the plot resumes right back.

Of course, if the cliffhanger is so intense, you’d be wanting to know the next scenario. Like how we tried to predict the episodes of Memories of Alhambra. Then after the release of the most recent episode, you’d either be happy since your prediction was correct or surprised because the story turned 360 degrees from what you expected.

No one’s gatekeeping this kind of fun mini activity in watching a K-Drama since Team Completed can still do it. But the excitement will only last for the time you decide to pause binge-watching the show. 

The art of waiting (and binge-watching)

K-Dramas often air twice a week. Therefore, if you want to continually wait for the episode, patience is certainly needed. I am aware of the frustration of being left on a cliffhanger and having to carry on with daily activities for days before the next episode comes to your rescue. Similar reasoning applies to seasons, such as how we may live our lives while awaiting The Uncanny Counter Season 2. Team Ongoing, may the force be with you.

If you are Team Completed, on the other hand, you may use your entire day off or free time by binge-watching a K-Drama. The show may be finished in a single day if you’d like because each episode is just a click away from being played afterward. There is no need to wait for the upcoming season or an episode every week. You are undoubtedly immune to cliffhangers. A little amount of sleep won’t be that much of a bother since you can wake up tomorrow with the satisfaction that you have finished a great show! 

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Test of memory (not a quiz) 

Again, K-Drama takes days to telecast the most recent episode, in contrast to Filipino teleseryes, which are televised every day on weekdays. Since there are times when you could already have forgotten what happened in the previous episode, it will figuratively put your memory to the test. You might have recalled the previous Suspicious Partner episode while watching the most recent one at that time. Well, it’s reasonable because you can also be quite busy.

On the other hand, as Team Completed, you can easily pass the memory test as you can watch episode 6 a few minutes after episode 5. The scenes, feelings, emotions, and dialogues are still fresh in your memory. 

Time to know that they are timeless

There are moments when you just feel pressured by others around you to do something. similar to how you would feel under pressure to watch the most recent K-Drama episode since everyone else has suggested it. You might not want to miss the most recent episode because several members of Team Ongoing participate in conversations as mentioned. Some people may find this sort of activity challenging, especially if they also have other obligations in their lives. Keep in mind that K-Drama should relieve your stress rather than put any pressure on you.

In all honesty, there is no need to rush. You must understand that K-Drama is timeless, much as Reply 1988 continues to be relevant today. Therefore, go watch it at your convenient time if you don’t worry too much about knowing the ending beforehand or missing the hyped discussion of the community. That K-Drama will always wait to be felt by you.

That wraps up our mini-debate of K-Drama watching preferences.

Remember that the way you watch a K-Drama does not define you as a K-Drama fan. You do you. But it’s fun to talk about it because each has reasons, and we have to respect whatever that is. 

Well, I belong to Team Ongoing and wait for a K-Drama to end first since I don’t get along well with cliffhangers. How about you? Are you a member of Team Completed or Team Ongoing?

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