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International Coffee Day: 3 Countries with the Best Coffee Culture

International Coffee Day: 3 Countries with the Best Coffee Culture

A day is not complete without a cup of coffee. And today, we’re celebrating International Coffee Day! This is the perfect time for coffee lovers to indulge in all flavors of coffee. Numerous nations cultivate and export thousands of pounds of coffee beans every day. However, there are exceptional countries with vibrant and rich coffee cultures.

3 Countries with the Best Coffee Culture


It is impossible to find an Italian who doesn’t drink coffee because coffee is such an inseparable part of Italian culture. Did you know that the world-famous espresso was invented in Italy in the early 20th century?

Thanks to the pioneers of espresso, Angelo Moriondo, and Luigi Bezzera, Italy has firmly established itself as the global leader in coffee. Without a doubt, espresso revolutionized the world’s coffee industry.

Italians typically drink four cups of coffee per day. According to Coffee Monitor Nomisma, every Italian spends 260 euros on coffee annually, which includes consumption at home, in cafés, and at work.

Although it may seem strange, in Italy a cafe or coffee shop is referred to as a bar. Typically, aside from coffee and pastries, they also serve alcoholic drinks. The majority of bars are ordinary-looking, family-run businesses with only a “BAR” sign outside.

The lifestyle that surrounds the coffee bar is another fascinating aspect of Italian coffee culture. The vast majority, however, prefer to share their coffee with others, whether it be with a friend or with other customers seated along the café’s perimeter. For Italians, coffee is rarely a moment alone. For that reason, Italy would be the ideal destination for celebrating International Coffee Day!


Australia’s coffee culture is founded on quality rather than convenience. Aussies keep it simple and prefer coffees like long black or flat white, unlike other countries who love the sugary extravagant coffee drinks like Frappés or Macchiatos. The most popular types of coffee in Australia are latte and flat white.

Australia is thought by many to produce the best coffee in the world. And for this reason, the country hardly has any Starbucks stores. Only about 50 chains exist in the entire nation.

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Australians favor patronizing locally owned coffee shops. They consider coffee to be an essential part of their daily routine, and they never skip brewing coffee at home or even stopping by their favorite café each day.

South Korea

There are about 18,000 coffee shops in Seoul. South Korea is truly home to a plethora of coffee shops, each with a distinctive vibe that draws customers in.

The “Americano,” which has the highest ordering rate among all drinks in South Korean cafés, is noted for being an absolute favorite of Koreans. Whether they are K-Pop stars, students, or workers — everyone always has an iced or hot Americano in their hands. Americano is popular mostly because it is affordable. While everyday workers drink it to boost their energy, students drink it to remain up all night studying.

In addition, Korea is also well known for its instant coffee. While instant coffee typically has a negative image, Korean instant coffee is evolving. Korea’s stores are dominated by several brands that offer a wide selection of instant coffees.

So, which country’s coffee culture are you most interested in experiencing?

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