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Growing up in Tagaytay: What is it like to be a local?

Growing up in Tagaytay: What is it like to be a local?

Tagaytay remains one of the country’s most popular destinations for city dwellers. Easy access especially for tourists from Metro Manila who wants to escape the busy and hustle life in the city. Popular for its cold breeze, varieties of Bulalo restaurants, fun theme parks, and perfect overlooking scenery of Taal Volcano. Everyone loves this place, especially during the summer and rainy seasons as the cold breeze levitates nostalgic moments.

Growing up in Tagaytay: What is it like to be a local?

Moreover, the city became the second summer capital of the Philippines with Baguio as the first one. I remember the first time I landed my feet in this city. Back in 2005, my family migrates here to find a living. Greenery surroundings with a much colder climate and chill vibes in the neighborhood welcome us.

A little history of Tagaytay

Did you know? Tagaytay came from the words, Taga meaning to cut, and Itay which means father. I remember back in my grade school years, my classmates always talk about this story about Tagaytay. It goes just like this.

Instagram| @sonyshutterbug

According to the story, father and son were said to be chasing a wild boar. Then, suddenly it turned back and attacked them. The son cried as he suddenly burst out saying, “Taga, Itay” twice. The phrase means “Cut him down, father!” Eventually, it became the topic of conversation among the people for several days. In time, the place where the shouts came began to know as Tagaytay.

Growth and Innovation that leads to prosperity

Many establishments were seen built in most areas of Tagaytay. Be it a restaurant, a staycation place, hotel, bars, resort, etc. The vast majority of establishments that you will see along the way are restaurants. It came to mind how it changes so fast that I still remember the greenery that surrounds the place. Back then, fruit vendors were seen along the highway and tourists flocked to buy some fresh fruits.

Where to Go | Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Now, those different establishments were seen and many tourists visit the place. The income growth of the city increases and the residents benefits from it. It reminds me of a quote from George Bernard Shaw

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

No doubt! The innovation that Tagaytay exudes remains a progressive movement for the residents, business owners, and authorities. One thing that residents enjoy is job employment. People can now work for different establishments without working in a far destination leaving their family behind.

However, every change has its downsides. 

Let’s be honest here. There is always a downside to everything. I can assure you that back then traffic in Tagaytay was not bothersome. As a resident here, it affects the everyday living of the people. Back then, we can travel from our house to Mahogany Beef Market in under a minute. Even during the weekends and holidays, people can still travel in a short amount of time.

Blue Forest on Wet Boots | Tagaytay Mahogany Market

Now, it takes time, especially during the holiday season. You need to plan early and buy fresh goods. Because if you don’t, you might end up stuck in traffic. When I ride jeepneys, I usually see drivers scratching their heads because of traffic. Oh well, change always has its downside.

Tourism as the source of income

Pandemic has affected everyone, just like my hometown. When the pandemic hit the country, several tourism spots had to close down to prevent the spread of the virus. This means no travel and no tourists visiting the place. It made me sad knowing that this situation will go longer than we had expected. The scare for the eruption of the Taal volcano also contributes to the decrease of potential tourists.

Flickr | Picnic Grove

The slow-paced of openings for local travel became a sign of hope. Establishments can now be open amid the scare of Taal Volcano and coronavirus. Tourism in Tagaytay remains very important as the city highly depends on itself for local tourism.

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