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GCash launches extraordinary features in Futurecast 2023

GCash launches extraordinary features in Futurecast 2023

“Finance for all,” a guiding principle of the GCash super app that is backed up by the largest digital ecosystem and powered by game-changing innovation. From everyday payments and transfers, fair lending for all, affordable investments, and accessible insurance, to green and digital lifestyles. The growth story of GCash has boomed during the pandemic, and now it cements its name on the top.

It is now the leading financial super app with the most downloaded fintech app across app stores and the most preferred fintech among monthly and daily active users. This is evident with 70% of Filipinos empowered, 5.8M merchants and social sellers, and 40% of OFWs reconnected.

Joshua Garcia, GCash endorser, with Martha Sazon, President & CEO of GCash

During the Futurecast 2023, GCash’s biggest annual event, on March 30, launches services that are more inclusive and accessible to Filipinos. They prepared so much to revolutionize lives and empower Filipinos to be future-ready.

DoubleSafe Security Feature

The application has over 76 million users and has been instrumental in making financial services available to Filipinos. In the past years, fraud and scams have been persistent, and hackers attempted to take over GCash accounts seriously. This is why the leading fintech launches its DoubleSafe security feature; to ensure a safer and more secure experience. The fintech company is committed to maintaining the trust of its users. GCash has partnered with the Anti-Cybercrime Group and the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center to address fraud cases comprehensively.

The new feature is currently on limited release but will soon be available for all verified GCash users. It protects its users in cases where an OTP or MPIN is mistakenly shared through DoubleSafe, which will conduct a selfie scan to verify your identity. With this latest update, you can manage your funds without fearing being scammed.

GStocks PH

Darvin Sy Su, Head of Wealth Management Commercial, and Jep Tang, VP of Equity Sales of AB Capital Securities, proudly reveal the latest collaboration. AB Capital collaborated with The Philippine Stock Exchange to streamline and simplify the visuals in trading screens so that users are well-guided on how to trade. The magic can happen in a few taps: you can transfer from your GCash wallet to your trading wallet and vice-versa.

It is unlocking a new era wherein all qualified Filipinos can finally start building their savings. The best thing is that AB Capital, PSE, and GStocks will provide all users with information on their investments. With the same app, you will see prices and charts that will guide you in buying and selling stocks to help you grow your investment. This makes GStocks PH very beginner-friendly.

It offers a quick registration– from your GCash dashboard, you can go to GInvest and then select the GStocks PH icon. Just fill out the details needed and apply. The good thing about this is you don’t need a bank account. Once your application has been reviewed, you can access your GStocks dashboard.

This feature makes growing one’s wealth via the local stock market easier and more accessible to Filipinos. As more people invest with GStocks, Filipinos can look forward to a brighter future.


The Philippines ranked 7th in the world in terms of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Mark Nunez, Head of Crypto Partnerships, proudly introduces the GCrypto. The latest feature, GCrypto, enables users to conveniently buy cryptocurrencies at affordable rates across popular crypto exchanges such as Philippine Digital Assets Exchange (PDAX) and Paxful. Through this, users who want to venture into cryptocurrency can buy and pay crypto directly from their Gcash wallets. GCrypto x Reen OhLala NFT collection will also be dropped soon, so stay tuned for more updates.


GChat improved its services in circumstances where users accidentally send money or loads to someone they don’t know. Copy-pasting a number or typing in every digit will be a thing of the past, and receipts are now automatic.

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Retail therapy has never been more enjoyable, and insurance is an easy way to protect yourself in online transactions. GInsure will be there to protect you and your purchases. GCash has partnered with over 1,500 online shops and platforms, so you can add anything to your cart without having to worry. For example, razer, tiktok, airasia. Just focus on scoring those great deals because every budol sparks joy!

GLoan and Borrow Load

Kevin Yu, Product Head of GLoan and Borrow Load, took into consideration that Filipinos are frequent users of social media. Access to data brings us entertainment and information- and ultimately, it’s a huge part of what brings us all together.

The vision of GCash is finance for all. This is the guiding principle behind the borrow load: fair and easy loans that would cater to the everyday needs of Filipinos. The app has evolved from providing e-wallet services to including opportunities to save, get credit, invest, and more. It is the first innovation across payments, lending, wealth management, insurance, etc.


GGives offers zero interest on credit cards, no additional documents, and zero down payments. The users are free from the barriers and fees normally associated with installment plans. With the power of zero ofGGives, upgrading to the life you deserve has never been this easy.

GCash Overseas

As borders open up, the travel industry has made a roaring comeback. Airports are pact, and immigration lines are longer than ever. GCash has expanded its services in Australia, Japan, Italy, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for more convenient travel. It also caters to the OFWs who sacrifice their family’s futures dramatically. Remittances to families are made hassle-free for 10 million Filipinos living and working in different countries across the globe.

GCash is the trailblazer of fintech in the country, but they are choosing to collaborate with other companies rather than compete. They acknowledge that financial inclusion is a complex, difficult journey, but as they launch its latest feature, the Filipino is ready for the future of fintech!

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