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Eva Green called Chai Fonacier a great actress and she’s thrilled about it

Eva Green called Chai Fonacier a great actress and she’s thrilled about it

Twenty-four-year-old Filipino actress Chai Fonacier charmed 300: Rise of an Empire star Eva Green while filming the Philippines-Ireland film co-venture Nocebo.

Photo Credits: Eva Green’s Instagram post (@evagreenweb)

Chai Fonacier filmed a movie with some well-known actors. This includes Eva Green and Martin Strong. Titled Nocebo, the psychological thriller remains under the direction of Lorcan Finnegan.  psychological thriller. It is written by Garret Shanley. Other Filipino filmmakers remain on board in the writing and production design departments.

The young actress starred in critically-acclaimed Filipino films. Of course, this includes Jesus is Dead (2016), Respeto (2017), and Born Beautiful (2019) to name a few. A very talented actress, well-known co-actress Eva Green appreciated and noticed her talents. This prompted her to post an Instagram photo of the two of them. She  also wrote:

My fabulous co-star, @chaifonacier and I from the film we are shooting, NOCEBO directed by the amazing @lorcanfinnegan. Chai is truly a great actress with extraordinary depth and sensitivity and she was an incredible partner – she blew me away!🔥

The young actress plays a Filipino caregiver who uses folk medicine to help Green’s character. Eva plays a fashion designer battling a mysterious illness.

According to the writeup of Variety, the film’s themes “explore consumerism, human exploitation, and the fast fashion industry, as well as the brain’s power in deciding whether to harm or cure the physical body.”

Nocebo, the antonym of placebo, refers to the effect in which negative thinking on the part of a patient results in a more negative outcome. Fonacier started filming in late February 2021 in Ireland. Under the co-production of Epic Media Philippines with international filmmaker, producer Brunella Cocchigglia.

Nocebo will start shooting its sequences in Manila this summer. Filipino co-producer Bianca Balbuena who also expressed pride for her provincemate. She said, “Plan is May pero baka June because of the travel bans and strict lockdowns.”

We’re both from Cebu. I’ve always pushed for Cebuano and other talent to be more exposed to the local and international film co- productions because we want the world to know that Filipino talent is unparalleled. Very happy that our own Chai Fonacier has been well received by the Irish production team, by Eva Green and Mark Strong. She owned the part, she studied her character, that’s why I was confident she’s going to nail it. She has also received some meeting invitations from foreign agents so hopefully it will all turn out well.

Balbuena also previously disclosed to ABS-CBN News that several local actresses auditioned for the Nocebo role. But, Fonacier became the “perfect fit.”

In an interview of Fonacier, also, with ABS-CBN News from her quarantine in a Metro Manila hotel, she told them:

Sobrang happy ako for hear to say that. Most of the time, in my acting projects, the only thing I really want is to know if I’d done my part in realizing a creative vision, and this was more validation than I could hope for. After having very few projects throughout 2020 because of the pandemic I’d been feeling rusty going into this one, so sobrang happy ako to hear Eva say that. She’s the loveliest person, really. It’s a great experience working with such a talented artist, I’d do it again!

There seems to be love between the cast of this Philippines-Ireland film. We couldn’t wait, since Fonacier has already made us proud. This psychological thriller looks very exciting!

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