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DJ Loonyo made all the right moves to the hearts of the audience

DJ Loonyo made all the right moves to the hearts of the audience

We bet you know him too well. The guy who won over the hearts of women all over the country as he set fire social media with his dance videos that make every jaw drop and drooling. Rhemuel Lunio, popularly known as DJ Loonyo, is the new heartthrob in town. From millennials to even the Titas of Manila, he managed to capture them under his spell with his covers of hit songs mostly from the early 2000s.


Together with his crew of equally talented and handsome performers, they post dance routines which are easy to follow with a bonus of charming winks and lip biting that make viewers go crazy!

Currently, DJ Loonyo is based in China, where he creates his viral videos. He posts various challenges that attract more and more fans every day!

Among his most famous works were ‘Bored in the house,’ ‘My Boo,’ ‘Dilemma,’ ‘Ever After,’ and ‘Hold You Down.’

In a previous interview with ABS-CBN’s Magandang Buhay, he mentioned that he remains a single man, for those asking. He even shared his ideal girl! Grab a pen and a paper and take some notes.

According to him beauty is fleeting so he prefers, “of course, a woman with wisdom.”

Netizens even dubbed him as the male counterpart of Ivana Alawi, who also skyrocketed to fame due to her online presence. These kinds of content are what we need right now for a boost, who doesn’t want good vibes, right? Especially if it’s coming from this guy.

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