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Ms. Everything hilarious videos are all we need this time of crisis

Ms. Everything hilarious videos are all we need this time of crisis


We’re counting down the days to pass and for the community quarantine to end. But with the crisis plaguing us, we can’t help but panic and be anxious. What’s painfully unclear to us is what lies ahead and any form of entertainment is very much welcome. Ericka Camata, AKA Ms. Everything, has caught our attention most recently, and she’s giving us the much-needed diversion with her hilarious Tiktok videos.

Who can forget her famed lines, “Hi everything? How are you to find out?”

In a country that’s so obsessed with impeccable grammar, you will surely be ridiculed for making such blunder. After all, English is our second language, thanks to our rich history and western influence. We cringe in every grammar lapses, sometimes we end up correcting it outright, or worse, they become a laughing stock in our heads. It’s totally okay to have slip-ups, but to totally mess it up is outrageous. If that’s the case, why did we end up falling in love with her?

Why are we fond of Ms. Everything?

The crisis is no laughing matter, but any sort of escape from this terrifying situation can somewhat change our moods. Now more than ever, we need a huge dose of laughter or anything that can lift our spirits up. She’s a breath of fresh air and can truly make you burst into laughter, just the kind of positivity we all need.

Making fun of yourself has been a trend in comedy and Ms. Everything is pressing all the right buttons. Not so sure if she’s just poking fun at herself with her awkward and glaring misuse of grammar. Whether it’s authentic or just an exaggeration, it’s downright funny. For these reasons alone, she’s trended online and was able to put a smile on our faces. Lucky for us, she’s bringing us laughter in a stressful situation. Ms Everything must be heaven-sent!

These are some of her videos that can make your day and give you the good vibes that you need.


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