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As a Korean, Jessica Lee shares what it’s like living in the Philippines

As a Korean, Jessica Lee shares what it’s like living in the Philippines

Dubbed as a hospitable country that foreign nationals love to visit, the Philippines is filled with culture, food, and tourist destinations. However, living and visiting the country are two different things – and, have a bigger difference. Meet YouTuber Jessica Lee, a former member of the girl group HIGHTEEN and a participant of Idol School. She often talks about her experiences when it comes to her K-pop career, her life living in South Korea, and the Philippines. In one of her videos, she sits with her friends and they share what it was like living in the Philippines.

As a Korean, Jessica Lee shares what it's like living in the Philippines
YouTube | Jessica Lee

As a Korean, Jessica Lee shares what it’s like living in the Philippines

When asked about their memories in the country, Soobin, 22, who lived in the country for five years shared that she considered the Philippines as her second home. She also added that she can communicate more deeply in an emotional way in Filipinos rather than in Koreans.

“Like I can relate to them more emotionally. That’s what I like about the Philippines.” 

YouTube | Jessica Lee

Sharing their favorite Filipino foods

Filipino food can never go wrong with these Korean nationals. Soobin shared that she misses eating Tinola and expresses her love for it. She also added trying out Sinigang, which she finds odd as it tastes like vinegar soup. But, when she entered university in the Philippines, she tried it again together with her friends and she then delighted with its taste.

“So one time, my friend brought me packed of Sinigang. Her mom cooked it for me, and I cleared it up.”

Additionally, Ely, 18, who lived in the country for twelve years shared that she cannot live without pancit canton. Meanwhile, Liah, 24, who lived in the country for ten years shared that they enjoy eating pancit canton with rice. She, then, added that she like taho and cheese sticks and even cheez whiz.

YouTube | Jessica Lee

Sharing traumatizing experiences

Many countries have their ups and downs just like the Philippines. When asked about their experiences, Ely shared that when she sometimes walks in the streets and people see her they often negatively mimic Korean phrases. Like ching chang Chong, a phrase that used to mock the people of Chinese ancestry or other Southeast Asian descent perceived to be Chinese.

As a Korean, Jessica Lee shares what it's like living in the Philippines
YouTube | Jessica Lee

Liah, then, shared her experience of being teased with her eyes.

“When I was a student, many people would make chinky eyes to tease me. While I was eating, a bunch of students would come to me and do that.” 

Jessica also shared that she got teased and being an easy target because she can’t speak English. Ely, then, added about the stereotypes of people assuming that all Koreans undergo plastic surgery. These experiences left them with bad memories of people that remain insensitive to other people’s culture.

Reasons to stay in the Philippines

Despite the negative experiences they’ve had, there are many reasons to stay in the country. For Soobin, the sky in the Philippines is different compared to South Korea since it has different feels and vibe. Meanwhile, Liah shared that food, and culture makes her stay. 

“In our family, we do parties all together with our Kuyas and Ates. So we’re very close to each other.”

Jessica then added that the reason she stayed in the Philippines was her teachers.

“I loved my teachers. They always treated me good food, laughed at my jokes despite me being a quiet kid.”

All in all. living in the Philippines have its negative and positive implication as a foreigner. But these Korean nationals loved the country that they even still connect with their Filipino friends up until now. They would gladly want to come back as soon as the situation gets better. 

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