Life breathes art in Angono, Rizal

Welcome to the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono, Rizal!

As soon as you entered the town proper, you could immediately see why it was hailed as such. Indeed, art can be seen almost everywhere. That is to say, here are the five artsy destinations that you can visit in the Artist’s Paradise.

Angono Municipal Plaza

The municipal plaza is the heart of the art capital of the country. A sculpture honoring the brilliance of the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal, stands in the heart of the municipal square. If you are going to tour around Angono, the plaza is also the best location to meet up.

Scrapyard Café

This 24/7 café and restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that would satisfy every customer’s appetite– from Filipino favorites such as silog and minalot, to local delicacies like goto, lugaw, kakanin, and the town’s favorite, kalderetang itik. Scrapyard Café is also a family-owned business and had always been a part of Angono for years, which explains its nostalgic ambiance.

Petroglyphs Cave

The oldest artwork found in the Philippines sits at the boundary of Angono and Binangonan, Rizal. The Pambansang Museo, or National Museum, maintains and protects the National Cultural Treasure, Angono Petroglyphs. This prehistoric rock art is also socially significant to the people due to its numerous carved customs, folklore, and history.

Street Gallery

Photo by Alyssa Jorta

The walls of Donna Aurora street are filled with reliefs depicting the works of Carlos “Botong” Francisco and another National Artist, the composer Lucio San Pedro. So, take a stroll down the street if you’re not in the mood to visit an art gallery. It is also free and opens twenty-four hours a day.

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Carlos “Botong” Francisco Museum

Photo by Alyssa Jorta

Botong’s ancestral house has been transformed into a free-to-the-public museum. A lot of Botong’s things back then were neatly lined up in a glass cabinet. Worn out pairs of shoes. An unfinished portrait. Classic beanies. Photographs. Paintbrushes. Certificates, medals, and plaques. And more.

Angono, aside from giving off an artsy vibe, also allows a sense of tranquility to overwhelm its visitors. The calm atmosphere urges you to just relax and appreciate the beauty of the town. Will see you in a while, Angono!

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