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INSTAGRAM RAID: Jaz Reyes, The All-Seasons Content Queen


INSTAGRAM RAID: Jaz Reyes, The All-Seasons Content Queen

Instagram has long been one of our favorite social media platforms.

Probably one of the reasons is that it made it much easier for us to connect with our favorite celebrities and personalities.

From only posts, and now with stories and reels, they get to share with us, albeit virtually, their day-to-day lives.

If you’ve been using the app for quite a while now, you’ve probably come across Jaz Reyes and are currently obsessed with her content.

If you haven’t checked her out yet, this is the sign!

Jaz Reyes is best known as an event host and radio DJ, but on Instagram, she creates candid yet visually striking content about current trends or social issues.


Jaz Reyes is serious about the “content queen” title, and her IG feed proves it.

Let’s feast on her eye candy, but with substance, visuals.

Coz we looooove a creative and witty queen!


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A post shared by Jazmin Reyes (@_jazreyes)

Did you know? Jaz Reyes is also a big fashion enthusiast, as evidenced by this blinged DIY Dior saddlebag.

Get that bling, Jollibee! And it’s true, that’s the only red flag we allow in our lives.

Jaz a reminder

Jaz some words of wisdom.

Along with this eye-catching image is some sound advice from the content queen herself.

Particularly in this day and age when people seek validation through social media attention.


This is us diving in right after our co-Marites spilled the tea.

Kidding aside, we don’t tolerate being a Marites, but this photo looks so dope!

Vital Tracks

Be right back! Jaz adding this to my playlist.

But seriously, we can’t keep up with her wit!

Condom Humor

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A post shared by Jazmin Reyes (@_jazreyes)

Oh boy, we need these so bad! If only we could actually wear it like that!

Which one do you need to be protected against?

Jaz hanging… Literally!

If you want to see Jaz hanging around your feed, now is definitely the time to follow her on Instagram!

Find more engaging content like these at _jazreyes.

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