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Adidas plans to bring back Kobe Bryant’s first sneaker

Adidas plans to bring back Kobe Bryant’s first sneaker

Are you a die-hard Kobe fan who’s fancy enough to collect his memorabilia? Or are you just a fan of the game and want to collect notable sneakers. Well, gear up, because Adidas is planning to re-release the first-ever signature sneaker of Kobe Bryant, the Adidas x Kobe Bryant 1.

Adidas announced their plans to bring back the first-signature sneaker of the late NBA Star Kobe Bryant. It is the first sneaker of Bryant when he was still signed with the brand. While it is essentially called the Adidas x Kobe 1, the brand will release it as the “Crazy 1,” barring some sort of partnership with Bryant’s estate.

The brand announced that the first colorway of the Crazy 1s that will be released will be in the “OG” metallic silver colorway. The uppers are dominantly in a light metallic silver finish while the EVA midsole is in a darker metallic silver.

The Adidas Kobe 1 or the “Crazy 1” was first released in 2000. It was influenced by Kobe Bryant’s love for sports cars. The distinct molded uppers were inspired by the Audi TT Roadster. Rounding out the design are Adidas’ three-stripe imprints, silver-lined laces, and a spoiler on the heel.

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Adidas also announced that they will also release another sneaker that Bryant wore in 1999, the EQT Elevation. Adidas will also change the release name of the model to Crazy 97 EQT. The move is made to further avoid mentions of the basketball legend in the rollout of the sneakers.

While there is no confirmed release date yet, it is expected that it will be released in the next few months and will be priced at around $140 USD.

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