13 Taylor Swift Songs to Listen During Your Heartbreak Sessions

We’ve all been through those heartbreak sessions. Those moments where we just cry our heart out because someone has caused us pain. And, we all know the drill, we want music to accompany us during our heartbreak sessions!

We all know that the Artists of the Decade, Taylor Swift is fond of being vulnerable and real in her songs. That’s the reason why many swifties can relate to her. Plus her songs’ appeal, rhythms, and melodies really do catch everyone’s heart when they’re heartbroken. Here are some Taylor Swift songs you can listen to during those sessions.

13 Taylor Swift Songs to Listen During Your Heartbreak Sessions

1. august

This song is about a woman named Augustine or Augusta who had a love triangle along with Betty and James. All three of them have their own songs about their point of view all written by Taylor Swift in her folklore album. However, it’s clear that August also has that evident painful lyric as she describes her story with James as a ‘summer love‘ while he describes it to Betty as a ‘summer thing‘.

2. Don’t You

This song describes the person who encountered an ex once again causing the person to remember all the memories and hurtful past that they have together. It also asks why the ex doesn’t feel the same pain as them. However, it also resigns to moving on with their life and declining the ex’s offering of another friendship.

3. Bye Bye Baby

This is the 26th track on Taylor Swift‘s re-recorded album, Fearless. This song talks about a person bidding farewell to their lover because there won’t be anything else to hold on to. It reminisces driving back from a fateful meetup with an ex-lover. It almost feels like the person had no intentions of ending the relationship, but that’s the fate of the relationship.

4. Death By A Thousand Cuts

Taylor Swift is known for her use of figurative language in her songs, the reason why she is a great lyricist. To add to this, when she speaks figuratively, she effectively describes what a heartbreak feels like. Moreover, Death By A Thousand Cuts literally means torture during the old times. In simple terms, this song describes goodbyes as torture in a person.

5. Come In With The Rain

This song describes someone who’s been let down by their lover numerous times but still forgives them. Even if the person knew that it’s wrong and that they don’t deserve the treatment, they still have that resilience of accepting their lover back. This song is perfect for those #pokmaru people. However, I personally don’t recommend people to become marupok because they deserve the best.

6. You’re Not Sorry

From the title itself, this song is about someone who has a lover who constantly apologizes but keeps on repeating the same exact mistakes. Be careful with this kind of people, they manipulate you into thinking that they’ll change even if they’ve been given a lot of chances. And no, they won’t change unless they’ve been given a hard ultimatum.

7. My Tears Ricochet

This song is about someone who’s in a toxic relationship, but taking the perspective of them who just died. It’s like the person is speaking from the dead. However, during the person’s living moments, their partner gave them hell. This is the lyric that became the giveaway: ’cause I loved you, I swear I loved you, ’till my dying day. This song is about someone who gave all their love to their person but ended up reciprocating traumas. That’s why their tears ricochet because when the person died, their lover is the one in hell, crying and broken.

8. exile (feat. Bon Iver)

This duet song with Bon Iver describes someone who just ran into an ex shortly after the relationship ended. The person still resents their lover for loving them still even after the break-up. Moreover, this song is like a two-way perspective where both people blame each other for the death of their once happy romance. It’s about the ambiguity of what truly happened between them.

9. evermore (feat. Bon Iver)

Not all heartbreaks include a lover. However, you can also include your hard times in your ‘heartbreak sessions’. This song is perfect for those people who have been continuously receiving criticisms. Taylor Swift, herself also experienced being constantly criticized. Moreover, let this song be your anthem as you express your pain.

 10. marjorie

This song is included in Taylor Swift‘s evermore album and it’s about her grandmother who died years ago. Your ‘heartbreak sessions’ could also include your grieving sessions when someone important to you dies. Moreover, this song also includes Marjorie Finlay‘s singing voice as the backup singer and is perfect for the moments when you wanted to cry for a bit.

11. epiphany

Like the song marjorie, this song from folklore then talks about Taylor Swift‘s who also died years ago. Her grandfather is a war veteran who fought in the Battle of Guadalcanal during World War II. You can also use this song to commemorate your late loved ones and cry as the calming melodies of this song goes along.

12. Mister Perfectly Fine

Not all heartbreak songs would make you cry all alone. Moreover, you can also dance it off. This song is about a lover whom Taylor Swift described as Mr. Perfectly Fine who brutally dumped her through a phone call in a matter of twenty seven seconds. Moreover, you can also feel powerful during your heartbreak sessions and use this song as your anthem in dissing the person who broke you. That’ll also help you cope up with the hurt.

13. I Forgot That You Existed

As soon as you’re done crying, you can also listen to break-up songs mixed with an upbeat rhythm because why not? Jive into this song as it offers a resolution of indifference. Furthermore, indifference means lacking interest, concern, and sympathy. Break-ups are different, not all the time break-ups will cause you trauma.

Break-up can become a blessing to you because it’s possible that in the whole relationship, you’ve been crying for days. And, that’s not what you deserve. Blast this song as you relish the peace that you obtained in that break-up!

I would love to add more of her break-up and painful songs but sadly, most of it won’t benefit her anymore. Taylor Swift is a great storyteller and her talent deserves the benefits. However, we can still enjoy her heartbreak songs owned by her, too!

Please do remember that you deserve the best after everything you’ve gone through. You do not deserve below the bare minimum, and you can also set your preferences of not accepting just the bare minimum.

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